The 1 Food Guy Fieri Won’t Touch

Guy Fieri, the proud Mayor of Flavortown, prides himself on tasting all the flavors out there. From Vietnamese chicken wings to braised ox cheek, Fieri isn’t afraid to try it.

Guy Fieri
Guy Fieri | Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Caesars Entertainment

As a restaurant owner, game show host, and TV personality, he’s got to be open to anything and everything. But there’s one food that simply will not cross the celebrity chef’s lips, under any conditions.

Find out what that is, and how he skirts around it as a foodie.

Fieri has a winery, and he named it after his kids

The Guy’s Grocery Games host is, surprisingly, a winery owner. It’s located close to his home in California, in the Santa Rosa area.

It’s named Hunt & Ryde Winery after the 51-year-old’s two sons, Hunter and Ryder. Fieri chose their names for the business because he felt if the wine succeeded or failed, it would not be because of association with his name.

He spoke with Wine Enthusiast about what it will take to get people from all walks of life to appreciate wine.

“Availability has more to do with people’s understanding [of wine] than anything socioeconomic. As people get closer to it, the more they understand it, the more they’ll consider it. I’ve got a lot of everyday, blue-collar, all-American folk who are fans of mine, opening their mind[s] to wine.”

Fieri loves this stuff

Fieri’s favorite food item is, surprisingly, soy sauce. A lover of Asian cuisine, he’s got to have his bottle of soy perfection with his meals.

“If I had to pick one thing that I couldn’t live without, it’d probably be soy sauce,” Fieri told Today Food. “Or Brussels sprouts. That’s my jam. Anywhere. Anytime.”

“I’m not saying that I’m a vegetarian,” he continued, “but people would be surprised at the amount of plant-based foods that I eat. Don’t get me wrong — I get down with a good burger, but in moderation.”

You can’t make Guy Fieri eat this

Fieri himself chooses every location and every recipe that makes its way onto Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives from a list given to him many months ahead of time. “Our research team is like, I think they all work for the FBI. That’s the kind of group they are,” Fieri told People earlier this year.

So it’s disconcerting to hear that a chef like Fieri simply won’t eat a particular food. Interestingly, the items aren’t all that exotic, such as poached bull’s eyeballs or sauteed dragonfly spleen.

There are only two things you’ll hardly ever see make it onto an episode of Diners, Drives-Ins and Dives:  “Liver is nasty,” says Fieri. And eggs. “I eat them in dressings but sunny-side up, over-easy or scrambled? No, thank you.”

“Oh, I eat eggs every once in a while,” the Food Network star told The Tampa Bay Times. “My buddy Andrew Zimmern, he was on the show in Minneapolis a couple of years ago, and they put a raw egg on the pizza and he said, “C’mon, eat it.” Alright. Hard-boiled and scrambled — that’s just not the way I like to party. My wife will sit there and bust that yolk and scoop with the bread and the whole thing.”

It’s clearly not a pretty recollection for the Flavortown mayor. Maybe he’ll come around and have an omelet one of these days.

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