The 1 Major Difference Between ‘Love It or List It’ and ‘Should I Stay or Go’ on HGTV

Love It or List It has been delighting HGTV audiences for 15 seasons now. Fans can’t get enough of co-hosts Hilary Farr and David Visentin, whose friendly sense of competition and accompanying banter helps make the show such a smashing success.

And those viewers are flocking to a new series on the network with a similar premise. Should I Stay or Go has a similar title and premise to the long-running series.

But even though these two HGTV shows are both endlessly binge-able, they do have one key difference.  

‘Love It or List It’ helps homeowners make a tough decision

David Visentin and Hilary Farr
David Visentin and Hilary Farr | Raymond Hall/GC Images

The budgets and situations may change, but the premise of every Love It or List It episode stays the same. Homeowners who are fed up with their living situations enlist the help of designer Farr and real estate agent Visentin. Farr renovates the home they have while Visentin shows them new properties, hoping to convince them it’s time to move.

The final segment of the show always features one final house that’s almost perfect for the couple. And then Farr does her big reveal, showing off their beautifully renovated house that checks most if not all items on their wish list.

That’s when the co-hosts ask the important question: Are they going to love it, or list it? It’s been revealed that Love It or List It show participants don’t always stick to their first decision. But the dramatic final moment makes for great reality television.

‘Should I Stay or Go’ puts a delightful twist on staying or going

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At first glance, Should I Stay or Go (sometimes called Stay or Sell) sounds a lot like Love It or List It. The new HGTV series features a married couple renovation duo, Brad and Heather Fox, as hosts. They help homeowners in the Minneapolis area who want to renovate their current homes or move into new ones.

But instead of bickering and competing like Visentin and Farr, the Foxes help show participants fix up the home they want regardless of which option they choose. If the homeowners decide to stay in t heir current house, the Foxes renovate the house they have. But if they decide to move, the couple transforms the new property into something better.

It’s like Love It or List It combined with House Hunters and HGTV viewers can’t get enough.

There’s less fighting on ‘Should I Stay or Go’ than on ‘Love It or List It’

Though it’s perfectly natural to compare the two shows, Should I Stay or Go is a much less contentious show than Love It or List It. Instead of taking sides against each other, Brad and Heather work together to help the homeowners create their perfect retreat. First, Brad scours the competitive Minneapolis real estate market. And that often enlightens show participants to some tough realities.

“For all of our clients, the general idea is that they want to either stay in their neighborhood or as close as they possibly can. It’s a major priority,” Brad told LA Times. “That’s the turmoil because if certain elements aren’t lining up or it’s not going to be cost-effective, they look elsewhere.”

So far, season 2 of Should I Stay or Go is uncertain. But reruns are perfect in the meantime. Meanwhile, Love It or List It is currently airing new episodes Monday nights at 9 p.m. on HGTV.