The 1 Major Problem With Creating a New Iron Man

Fans may not yet be through drying their eyes. The death of Iron Man was bittersweet for most, as MCU fans recognized Robert Downey Jr.’s respectable retirement from the franchise. But, is it too soon to introduce his replacement?

We took a look at some of the rumors surrounding the IronHeart series being in development. We uncovered at least one fan-based problem with creating a new Iron Man.

Marvel’s need for successors

Robert Downey Jr speaks onstage
Robert Downey Jr. | The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images

Marvel loves to spin off the success of its most pivotal characters. Branching out into streaming services now provides the perfect platform to continue building the cinematic universe and filling it with fresh superhero successors.

With the chapter closing on a few of the MCU’s flagship Avenger team members, fans are excitedly anticipating the next round of character adventures.

As we gear up for Black Widow’s solo debut, Marvel is giving us an idea of how they plan to weave stories around characters we’ve lost. Some fans are still wondering about how the MCU intends to handle the death of the beloved Iron Man.

Who is IronHeart?

True MCU fans probably already know, but for those who may need a little background, we thought we’d recap a little history on IronHeart. IronHeart is a comic book series, developed around a young genius, and M.I.T. student, Riri Williams.

Driven by tragedy, she designs her own ‘iron’ suit by reverse engineering an outdated Tony Stark original. The two cross paths, and with Tony’s approval, young Riri joins the superhero ranks.

The comic’s twelfth and final issue is expected this month, according to the writer, Eve Ewing. The question is, with the comic series ending, does that mean we can expect screen adaptations?

Sources say IronHeart production is underway

Some reports are claiming that a limited series on Disney+ is likely. While a movie is a possibility, for now, the streaming service platform sounds more certain. There have been numerous rumors circulating for some time that IronHeart would be the next to hit the screen.

Other whispers suggested that Monica Rambeau, a first appearance character from the Captain Marvel comic story, would assume the position of IronHeart. Enthusiasts do love the idea of a new superhero, with or without actual superpowers.

According to GeekTyrant, either story venture is a welcomed addition to the MCU screen adaptations. It is unclear for sure when we can expect the series to launch. For now, we’ll have to wait and see how the storyline unfolds.

What the fans are saying is the biggest problem

While fans are always hungry for more Marvel adventures, the recent news of an Iron Man replacement isn’t sitting well with everyone. In fact, some are downright insulted.

According to conversation threads on Reddit, one major problem in launching a next-gen Iron hero is that most feel it’s too soon. Coping with the death of the Iron Man character deserves more time, at least for the fans. A larger than life character like Tony Stark deserves proper mourning.

Some people argue that introducing IronHeart now will feel rushed and should be postponed to allow more time to pass since Iron Man’s final farewell. One Reddit user even suggests that several other Marvel characters deserve screen time before an Iron Man replacement.

We know for sure that Marvel won’t let us down in terms of new superheroes and diversifying the character universe. We’re still in mourning at the loss of our dear Tony Stark for now.

Should the IronHeart series come to fruition as planned, we may have to move past his death, regardless. Riri Williams may be taking the helm whether fans are ready or not.