The 1 Most Embarrassing Role These 15 Huge Hollywood Stars Have Ever Played

There is a lot that goes into making a Hollywood star, but the biggest factor might be just getting that role that will launch them into stardom. But no actor has a perfect record when it comes to roles, and so everyone has at least one embarrassing one on their resume.

Some of these roles might be in the very beginning of a person’s career when they are just trying to pay the bills. Some of the roles happen after an actor makes it but they are trying to do something different to no avail. So what are Hollywood stars’ most embarrassing roles?

Here are 15 roles that Hollywood stars have played ranked from least embarrassing to most. Some of the actors acknowledged them while others don’t acknowledge them at all.

15. Octavia Spencer in Dinner for Schmucks

Octavia Spencer in Dinner for Schmucks

Octavia Spencer in Dinner for Schmucks | DreamWorks Pictures

  • Octavia Spencer convincingly plays a lobster dying at the dinner table.

The Oscar winner had many small roles before her big break. But the craziest has to be in Dinner for Schmucks starring Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd. Rudd’s character takes Carrell’s character to a party designed to invite idiots to entertain executives.

Spencer plays a psychic in the comedy who can channel dead animals at the dinner party. She steals the scene from beloved comedy actor Carrell, but it’s understandably still embarrassing. She might be busy with critically acclaimed roles now but hopefully, she will return to comedy sometime in the future.

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