The 1 Piece of Advice Former ‘Today’ Co-Host Ann Curry Turned Down And What She Had To Say About Recent Matt Lauer Allegations

Ann Curry has had ups and downs in her career. Starting out as newsreader on Today, as the story famously goes, she was the natural replacement for Katie Couric when Couric stepped down from the morning program. But Curry was overlooked for Meredith Vieira. Once Vieira left the show, Curry was finally brought up to bat, only to be unceremoniously let go a year later.

Former 'Today Show' Co-host Ann Curry
Former ‘Today Show’ Co-host Ann Curry | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Through it all, the journalist has remained poised and kept her gaze firmly ahead of her, focusing on her post-‘Today’ interests and her family. Find out what Curry has been up to, the piece of advice she gave a ‘no’ to, and what she had to say about recent allegations against former ‘Today’ host, Matt Lauer.

Curry’s new show

Curry’s new program, Chasing the Cure, premiered on TNT in August this year and helps patients from around the United States diagnose their mysterious illnesses that they, in most cases, have been living and suffering with for years. As anchor and executive producer of the program, Curry opens doors for these patients to see the medical specialists who can help them turn their conditions around and help them live with it or relieve it entirely.

The great part is that, in each episode, while the doctors and specialists are scrutinizing the mystery medical condition, social media will allow people to digitally give their two cents.

“The idea is to connect patients not just with top medical doctors, but in a crowdsourcing manner with anyone in the world that might allow them greater access to answers,” Curry told Parade.

The advice Curry turned down

As a young reporter, Curry was exposed to the kind of negative feedback an older male counterpart thought she needed to hear. She spoke with ABC’s Good Morning America about it earlier this month.

“There was no evidence that he believed that women could do the job. There had never been a woman in the newsroom before, and on top of that, this was happening in a place where there were very few people who looked like me,” she said.

Curry was determined to show she had the chops to make it. She became the station’s first female reporter.

“When I was given a goodbye party…the person who said that to me, he pulled me aside and said ‘Ann, I don’t want you to let anything I ever said to you stop you from your dreams because you can go all the way.’ And I thought that was one of my greatest achievements, that I had transformed somebody’s thinking about what was possible.”

Because of the door she opened, women make up more than half of that newsroom today. “If people are voiceless and there is something unjust that is occurring or something that can be changed — suffering that can be changed — because we connect them to the wider world, we should do it,” Curry continued.”

Curry spoke up recently about allegations against Matt Lauer

Curry tweeted recently to support Brooke Nevils, a former NBC staffer who Ronan Farrow stated in his forthcoming book, Catch and Kill, was allegedly raped by Matt Lauer when both were covering the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Lauer has denied all allegations against him. 

Curry had previously spoken openly about the sexual misconduct allegations against Lauer in a January 2018 interview with CBS This Morning.

“I am not surprised by the allegations,” she told Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell at the time.

When asked by King if she thought Lauer was behind her leaving Today, Curry replied, “You know, you should ask someone else. I’m not the one to ask about that. Because I don’t know what was all behind it. I do know that it hurt like hell.” 

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