The 1 Reason Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio Can’t Be Dead in the MCU

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio — the master of illusions and grand special effects artists — played the deceptive supervillain in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Peter Parker, innocent and emotionally battered from the loss of his late mentor, places his faith in Mysterio; yet, Peter soon discovers that his trustworthiness is in need of a few sensible shackles. 

Jake Gyllenhaal Mysterio MCU
Jake Gyllenhaal | Photo by Rebeca Figueiredo Amorim/Getty Images for Sony

While Mysterio is the master of manipulation and the technological trickster, he died at the end of Far From Home; Spider-Man defeated him at last, turning all his tricks into futile antics, right? Mysterio is gone, correct? 

Spider-Man: Far From Home may have ended with narrative finality; yet, the MCU is known for defying viewers’ expectations. Given Gyllenhaal’s star-power, as well as Mysterio’s larger role in the Spider-Man comic world, the villain may not be gone for good, as he is integral to the Sinister Six movie presumed to be on the horizon.

Mysterio is part of the Sinister Six

The original Sinister Six consisted of Doctor Octopus, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, Sandman, and Vulture. As for Vulture and Mysterio, these two villains have already appeared in the MCU, portrayed by Michael Keaton and Gyllenhaal respectively. 

The other villains — all except Kraven the Hunter — have fought Peter Parker in the previous Spider-Man franchises featuring Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

Alfred Molina portrayed Doc Oc in 2004’s Spider-Man 2. Jamie Foxx took on Electro when Andrew Garfield was playing the iconic web-slinger, and Thomas Haden Church portrayed Sandman in Spider-Man 3, opposite Maguire. So, why does all this matter?

The ‘Sinister Six’ seems inevitable: The Phase 5 villain team? 

Rumor has it that Sony and the MCU (depending on future negotiations) are planning to stage a major multiverse mash-up, possibly bringing in Maguire and Garfield’s versions of Peter Parker (likely for brief stays). Thus, their characters’ associated villains become up for grabs, and the MCU doesn’t need to start from scratch to form the Sinister Six.

As We Got This Covered reported, the Spider-Man: Far From Home producer has already teased a Sinister Six movie, stating: 

These villains we now have in our universe happen to be characters that are in the Sinister Six…There may be something that happens with that.

If the Sinister Six is on the horizon, Mysterios cannot be dead; he will need to form an alliance with the other nefarious foes to complete the circle. The only villain who has yet to make an entrance: Kraven the Hunter.  Thus, it should come as no surprise that Kraven is one of the main villains being tossed in the air as Parker’s next foe for Spider-Man 3. 

If Kraven the Hunter joins the party in the next Spidey installment, the Sinister Six — combining Sony and Marvel’s efforts — will be complete. Such a team would pose the largest threat to earth since Thanos. Do we see a phase 5 arc coming together here? The Sinister Six may just be the group of villains who force Spidey to call upon his fellow Avengers for back-up. One web-slinger is only capable of so much.