The 1 Reason Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Would Never Leave the Royal Family

By this point, everyone knows that something is bound to change with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. After a whirlwind month filled with pending lawsuits and tearful statements about unfair treatment, it’s clear that these two are quite unhappy with their current roles in the royal family. But would the Duke and Duchess of Sussex really leave for good?

Some royal followers are saying yes. Especially since Prince Harry isn’t close enough to the throne, the decision to quit life as a working royal wouldn’t technically disrupt the monarchy too much. But this extreme decision won’t be taken lightly either way.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are taking a break

While they’ve remained mostly silent on their long-term plans, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did say that they’re planning to take a breather and won’t be participating in any royal engagements for the next six weeks. According to The Sunday Times, this mini-vacation will last from November until the Christmas holiday.

The Sussexes will be traveling to the United States and bringing Archie along for the first time. It will be a welcome break for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to escape British tabloids.

They’re not happy with their treatment by the press

Prince Harry has had issues with the British tabloids since he was a young child. And Meghan Markle was wildly unprepared for all the scrutiny and downright hostility that came with her new role. Even though Markle was a Hollywood actress, she wasn’t nearly as famous before she married her prince.

After months of ‘torture,’ Prince Harry shocked royal followers by announcing that he planned to pursue legal action against the tabloids who released a private letter between Markle and her father. He also alleged that these publications were engaged in illegal phone tapping.

These developments spurred some royal followers to wonder if Prince Harry might choose to exit the family completely.

There’s almost no chance Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will leave the royal family

Though it would be scandalous if Harry and Meghan did quit the royal life, the truth is that’s a very unlikely scenario. The couple has so many benefits from staying — including a salary, international prestige, and plenty of attention to the causes they support.

If they did leave, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wouldn’t have to suffer so much under the spotlight (though they would still be super popular). But, they also wouldn’t have the clout they have now, and that would affect how much attention their causes get.

Another reason they won’t leave is it’s something that’s not done. Though Queen Elizabeth’s uncle abdicated the throne back in 1936, that was an anomaly for the royals. And he was forced to live the rest of his life in exile.

They value mental health

There’s just one thing that could make Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leave the royal family despite decades of tradition. That’s their commitment to mental health concerns — including their own.

Meghan Markle said, “I have said for a long time to H — that’s what I call him — ‘It’s not enough to just survive something. That’s not the point of life. You have got to thrive. You have got to feel happy.’”

If this couple wants to be happy, they might have to make a dramatic move. Like quitting their royal jobs and moving far away from their tormentors.