The 1 Reason Why Meghan Markle Never Stood a Chance in the Royal Family

Getting married to anyone is difficult. Marrying into the royal family, however, takes this to a whole new level. Suddenly, the newly married person finds themselves living their life in front of the entire world whether they want to or not.

Although the royals have a huge fan base, they are closely watched and often criticized for just about every move that they make. Meghan Markle has found herself in the royal spotlight lately, and not in the best way. Her life has been a PR nightmare in recent months. She and Prince Harry have even gone so far as to announce a six-week break from royal duties so that they could lay low a bit.

When Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement in November 2016, she seemed pretty excited about taking on her new role as the Duchess of Sussex. Here is the one reason why Duchess Meghan never stood a chance in the royal family.

Meghan Markle’s life in the public eye

Before Markle and Prince Harry met, she was living in Toronto where her popular show, Suits, was filmed. Although Markle was famous in her own right, her popularity was nothing close to what it is now. After all, she was nowhere close to being considered an A-list actress.

Gone are the days where Markle could hang out at restaurants or coffee shops with friends and enjoy some downtime. These days, she can’t go anywhere without being accompanied by royal protection officers, and swarms of photographers follow her every move.

It seems that just about everything Duchess Meghan does or doesn’t do becomes headline news. And, people are constantly comparing her to other royals such as sister-in-law Kate Middleton and even Markle’s late mother-in-law Princess Diana. 

Meghan Markle has been struggling with royal life

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

While there is really no way to know exactly how Duchess Meghan envisioned royal life would be like, we do know that she does not have it easy. Eternally Sunny reports that the Duchess of Sussex is having quite a difficult time adjusting to her new life as the wife of Prince Harry.

After getting married, her life was suddenly extremely different. She found herself under pressure as she had never before experienced.

She has been having a hard time dealing with being in the spotlight and having to deal with the constant media backlash. As it turns out, the press can be relentless, and they are making Duchess Meghan’s life more difficult than she ever could have imagined.

As we know, Duchess Meghan enjoys doing things her own way. For example, her approach to raising Baby Archie out of the spotlight. And it seems that no matter what, the news media portrays her in a negative light.

The one reason why Meghan Markle never stood a chance in the royal family

So, why is it that Duchess Meghan never actually stood a chance in the royal family? According to Harper’s Bazaar, it was because she had so much to live up to.

Royals such as Duchess Kate and Princess Diana set the bar pretty high, and the public had certain expectations of Duchess Meghan even before she was officially a royal.

These days, it seems the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are choosing a different path than the one that fans originally thought they would take. They are raising Archie out of the royal spotlight, and they are also creating their own traditions as a family.

Having to live up to the expectations put forth by other royals may have ruined any chance that Duchess Meghan had of creating her own unique life as a royal in the positive way that she wanted to.