The 1 Sign You Should Cancel Netflix and Try Something Else

Whether Netflix chooses to believe it or not, the popular streaming service still has a lot of challenges ahead. If they’ve managed to create some smart strategies to navigate the approaching competition of Apple TV+ and Disney+ starting in November, they still haven’t fixed everything users often complain about.

One of the biggest complaints Netflix users have is scrolling the content pages and not finding anything worthwhile to watch. Call this the new channel surfing of the streaming era if you want to.

Even though Netflix has a lot of great originals, what happens when the best things are already watched? Trying to find a perfect movie there isn’t always easy to find due to a gradually shrinking library and algorithms not always properly matching your viewing habits.

If you’re feeling Netflix fatigue, here are some recommendations on what else to try, or at least to help you expand this fall.

Netflix logo shown on a smart phone
Netflix logo | Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Trying Apple TV+ as an alternative

We won’t know until November 1 whether Apple TV+ will be worth the cheap monthly rate, despite numerous A-list stars on board for variously hyped projects. From the outset, Apple TV+ looks like a can’t-miss venture considering they’ll only charge $4.99 per month to stream some of the most anticipated new shows this season.

Others might look at the low rate as an indication not all of the content will live up to the intense marketing efforts. Nevertheless, shows like The Morning Show and various new programs from Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg should make for some intriguing watching.

No doubt many of you are planning to at least give Apple TV+ a trial run to satiate your curiosity. Should Apple shows like TMS, the sci-fi show See (starring Jason Momoa) or the historical drama Dickinson (starring Hailee Steinfeld) take off, Netflix might have to start sweating a little again.

It’s unrealistic to think these will cut into the many favorites at Netflix. Regardless, Apple may be your best inexpensive add-on to expand your streaming horizons a little.

Should you also add Disney+ to your streaming lineup?

Based on what Disney+ is going to have for only $6.99 per month, it’s safe to say many millions of people around the world are going to have a Disney+ account. Within a year, Disney+ and Netflix may be the two streaming accounts most people will say they can’t be without due to consistent quality.

All of this is just speculation, of course, since Apple or even a future streaming service could end up stealing the spotlight. At this point, any one of the new streaming services could run away as a leader over the next two years.

If you go by pop culture familiarity and being a hub for exciting Marvel and Star Wars originals, Disney+ has everything going for it. There isn’t a doubt you should add it if you’re a Disney/Marvel/Star Wars/Simpsons buff since none of those things will be available on Netflix anymore.

What other streaming services should you add if you cancel Netflix?

Since Netflix will still have plenty of intriguing originals (including Oscar-caliber movies being screened in November and December), we don’t necessarily recommend canceling there immediately. Adding additional streaming platforms can start to add up in price, though.

Thanks to Apple and Disney, you wouldn’t have to pay much more for access to some great content. Adding Hulu and Amazon Prime are usually common additions since their programming is very wide-ranging, including access to cable channels like HBO if you decide to cut the cord.

Upcoming HBO Max is still a bit of a wild card since they’ll be charging more (an expected $14.99 per month) while having access to Friends and the Studio Ghibli library as just starters. Original content there is still a bit up in the air, so you might want to wait a while for further word.

By next April, you might want to add Quibi, a new streaming platform with 10-minute original shows and short films.

This and many more can or could easily solve your Netflix blues, latter of which could make a great song title.