The 1 Thing Barack Obama Warned Prince Harry About

Prince Harry and Barack Obama are longtime friends, so it’s no surprise that the two agreed to sit down together for a recent BBC interview. The two covered a wide range of topics — from future projects they’d like to work on together, to Obama’s destructive teen years. Read on to learn more about their conversation, including the one thing that Obama warned Prince Harry about (page 5!).

1. How Obama’s mornings have changed since no longer being president

Prince Harry interviews former US President Barack Obama as

Barack Obama opened up about what his mornings are like now. | The Obama Foundation/Getty Images

Prince Harry began the interview with a softball: “What’s different about your mornings now that you’re no longer the president?” Without missing a beat, the former president replied, “I wake up later.”

He added that the biggest difference is that he can now control his day, as only a civilian can.

2. What Obama misses the most

barack obama speaking in a dark suit against a dark background

Barack Obama revealed to Harry what he misses most about his old job. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

What does Obama miss the most about the hardest job in the world? He misses his team. He talked about how special it was to work with a group of people who truly supported and trusted each other.

The former president also mentioned that he missed the work because it was “fascinating and rewarding.”

3. What Harry and Obama want to work on together

Former U.S. President Barack Obama and Prince Harry on day 7 of the Invictus Games 2017

The two want to team up to make change. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images for the Invictus Games Foundation

Prince Harry and Obama also spoke about what they’d like to work on together. They’re both passionate about giving the youth a voice, but how do they make that happen?

Obama spoke about the Young Leaders Program he worked with during his campaign, and how today there are close to one million young people involved in the program, working on social change and human rights. Ultimately the two decided that the first step is simply giving young people a platform to speak — give them a change to go out there and change the world.

4. What Obama’s focusing on now

Former U.S. President Barack Obama answers questions at the Gates Foundation Inaugural Goalkeepers event on September 20, 2017 in New York City.

Barack Obama revealed his new priorities post-presidency. | Yana Paskova/Getty Images

Currently, Obama’s focusing on transmitting the knowledge he gained through being president to others. He said he feels as though he’s making the transition from player to coach, and though being a player is incredibly exciting, being a coach is rewarding in its own right.

He’s also still working to better the causes he cares about, like helping kids get a quality education and protecting the Earth’s resources.

5. Obama warned Prince Harry about the dangers of social media

Prince Harry is in a light grey suit.

The former president warned the price of the perils of social media. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The thing Obama warned Prince Harry about was the dangers of social media. He spoke about how easy it is to surround yourself with ideas just like your own — it’s important to diversify what you take in on social platforms.

“One of the dangers of the internet is that people can have entirely different realities,” Obama told the prince, according to the BBC. “They can be cocooned in information that reinforces their current biases.”

He also mentioned how powerful social media can be and how it can be a useful tool for connecting people and social change.

6. Obama talks about his former destructive behavior

President Barack Obama waves as he exits The White House wearing sunglasses

Believe it or not, Barack Obama had some wilder teen years. | Zach Gibson/Getty Images

Former president Obama wasn’t always the calm, cool, and collected politician we know today. During his interview with Prince Harry, Obama touched on his destructive years as a teenager.

Having grown up without knowing who his father was, and going through some turbulent times as a young man, he didn’t start to settle down — with the help of his loving grandparents — until he was about 19 years old.

7. The two discussed how “being in the public eye is unpleasant”

Prince Harry (left) poses with former U.S. President Barack Obama

The two bonded over their experiences being in the public eye | Kensington Palace/ Getty Images

Prince Harry and Obama also touched on all the difficulties that come along with being such public figures. “Your family is made vulnerable,” for one, said Obama.

For someone who gets to decide whether or not to go into politics, it’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Ultimately, though, they both agreed that the good you can create and the positive change you can enforce by being in the public eye is all worth it.

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