The 1 Thing Prince Harry Needed Most From His Mother Princess Diana

There are so many different ways to raise a child, but perhaps the most important job that mothers and fathers have is simple. They are there to keep their children safe.

This is true when whether you’re a mere commoner or a member of one of the most prominent, blue-blooded families in the world. It’s a task that Princess Diana took very seriously while raising her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Her job was made exponentially more difficult thanks to overly aggressive paparazzi and the general threats inherent to being royal. But she kept trying anyway.

Princess Diana and Prince Harry
Princess Diana and Prince Harry | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)

Princess Diana is remembered as a doting, beloved mother, and no one misses her more than her sons. Here’s how Prince Harry was affected by this unique aspect of his upbringing.

Princess Diana did motherhood differently

When she became a royal bride, Diana Spencer was a naïve 20-year-old bride who had literally no idea what she was getting into. Over the course of her short and disastrous marriage, she’d experience heartache, betrayal, screaming fights, an eating disorder, and frequent misery. But she did get one invaluable gift from Prince Charles — her children.

Princess Diana loved her sons Prince William and Prince Harry with great intensity. But she wasn’t content to just let palace staff raise them like so many other royal mothers did. Instead, Diana took a hands-on approach to child-rearing that simply wasn’t normal for her position.

Princess Diana with Harry and William
Princess Diana with Prince William and Prince Harry | Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

She broke royal protocol on more than one occasion

As royal author Andrea Levin explained, Princess Diana broke rules on purpose so she could give her sons the best life possible. Chief among her concerns? Keeping them safe and protected, which is precisely what her youngest boy Prince Harry needed most from his mom.

Diana herself dropped the boys off at school, brought them to amusement parks, and visited homeless shelters with them. Obviously, she was keeping them safe from physical harm (with the help of multiple security guards). But even beyond that, she was ensuring they didn’t become arrogant or snooty as they became older. She raised them to be good boys who would turn into great men.

Prince Harry is emulating his mother now

Princess Diana and Prince Harry
Princess Diana and Prince Harry | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Princess Diana always mistrusted the press, preferring to shield herself and her kids from their prying cameras whenever she could. Unfortunately, the world was so obsessed with her that it was impossible to do that. Most royal fans blame paparazzi for her untimely death in a 1997 car crash, which happened while she was being chased by photographers in Paris.

Mindful of his mother’s cause of death plus the lessons she taught him growing up, Prince Harry is trying to keep his own son Archie Harrison shielded from the spotlight just like his mother did for him. Though it might be impossible, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex want to give Archie as close to a normal life as possible.

Critics can say what they want, but like his mother Princess Diana, Prince Harry just wants to keep his son safe from harm. Can we really blame him for that?