The 1 Thing Princess Diana Couldn’t Change That Kept Her From Fulfilling Her Biggest Dream

It’s been more than two decades since Princess Diana‘s death but the public is still fascinated with the royal’s life.

She dealt with tragedy and heartbreak going back to her childhood and later had a tumulous marriage to Prince Charles. But she also had two sons, William and Harry, who brought her great joy. And during her life, she had an impact on so many people through her charitable work which she was passionate about. However, there was one dream she couldn’t pursue because of something she had no control over.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | David Levenson/Getty Images

Here’s what that was and what it prevented her from doing.

This is what kept Diana from pursuing her dream

An iconic photo of Princess Diana was taken during a White House dinner in 1985 when she danced with actor John Travolta, but many royal fans aren’t aware that she loved dancing and had taken lessons as a child.

Pop Sugar noted that Diana had aspirations to be a ballerina. However, when she became a teenager her height kept her from making that dream a reality.

The princess was 5 foot 10 and since most ballerinas are much shorter, Diana figured that her height meant that being a professional dancer wasn’t possible. Years later though she decided to pick the art up again just as a hobby. Her dance instructor, Anne Allan, spoke in the documentary Diana: In Her Own Words about working with the princess.

“When I first met her you could see that there was a huge shyness. But over time as we went through our dance class I realized just how much dance meant to her,” Allan said. “She had dance in her soul. I realized the pure enjoyment that it gave her. She loved the freeness of being able to move and dance. She loved it. I could see it helped to alleviate her emotional life. That was hard for her at that time.”

Princess Diana dancing with John Travolta
Princess Diana dancing with John Travolta | © Pool Photograph/Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

Diana was banned from wearing these because of her height

Diana’s height was a bit of an issue when she was married to Prince Charles too.

Because they were the same height Diana was banned from wearing high heels around him so she wouldn’t tower over the future king. This explains why she was only seen in flats or very low heels when they attended public events together. However, some royal fans may have noticed that Prince Charles looks much taller than his first wife in many of their official portraits and are wondering how that could be if they were the same height.

According to The Society Pages, their photos were edited or the pair was situated in such a way to make the Prince of Wales look taller.

“This effort to make Charles appear taller is a social commitment to the idea that men are taller and women shorter,” said Professor Lisa Wade of the Occidental College. “When Charles and Diana were posed together formally, however, they were typically arranged so as to suggest that he was significantly taller than her, or at least to disguise the fact that he was not.”

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Kypros/Getty Images

The princess also had another career in mind

While Diana’s height may have kept her from pursuing one passion, there was reportedly another career she had in mind. According to the princess’ biographer, Andrew Morton, Diana had planned to go to school and get her degree.

“Diana was wanting to do a degree in psychology before she died,” Morton said.

After attending the Chateau D’Oex finishing school in Switzerland, for one term in 1978, Diana returned to London and began working part-time as a nanny. She also worked as a kindergarten teacher at the Young England School.

The Princess of Wales died following a car crash in Paris in 1997.

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