The 1 Thing That Will Make Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man 3’ Different Than Anything We’ve Seen Before

Exposing the identity of a superhero has never been tried before on the big-screen, something that’s undoubtedly been thought about in superhero movies for years. As much as fans might have wanted such a tale in the Batman or Superman franchises, (or even with some of the Avengers), it was usually shot down to avoid complications. With Spider-Man, it’s about to become a whole new story.

Reports are 2021’s Spider-Man 3 will focus on the plot of Peter Parker being revealed to the world no thanks to the late Quentin Beck (aka Mysterio) leaving behind doctored video exposing Parker for who he really is.

How this shakes out will likely be analyzed up and down. There’s also been discussions about who’s going to help Parker sort it out in the eye of the public at large.

A lot of interesting social themes can be explored exposing Spider-Man

Tom Holland and Chris Pratt together onstage
Tom Holland and Chris Pratt | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Spidey has been exposed a couple of times in Marvel comic books, though those stories didn’t always stay as canon in the eyes of fans. Of course, all other comic book superheroes in history came close to being exposed, yet writers nixed the idea because they likely thought it would end all intrigue.

Leave it up to Kevin Feige to take the road less traveled in providing something innovative and fresh. Exposing Parker as Spider-Man seems like it could end the entire saga in an instant, even if it could become the ultimate social test.

How would the world really react to such an exposure? Would it lessen the public respect for Spider-Man, or just make him all the more powerful because everyone knows he’s mostly human?

Exploring all those issues could mean exciting courtroom scenes since Parker may have a hotshot lawyer to defend him against Mysterio’s faux footage of Spidey being involved in a terrorist plot.

Who will Parker’s lawyer be?

According to some sources, Parker will end up with lawyer Matt Murdock, who so happens to be Daredevil. Since this is just a rumor, it could be She-Hulk (Jen Walters) since she’s also a practicing criminal attorney.

Nothing is official Parker will even have a lawyer. Still, it makes sense either lawyer character (or both) will enter the picture to help clear Parker’s name. While there may be a trial to prove the footage of the terrorist plot was doctored, it may also turn into the trial of the century in how Parker handles the exposure of his Spider-Man guise.

Who’s to say the public wouldn’t accept him as Spider-Man as long as he can clear his name in being a clandestine terrorist? There’s all reason to believe Parker can clear his name thanks to technology being available to call out digitally enhanced footage. What can’t be reversed is the public knowing the identity of Spider-Man.

In this case, maybe the film will go in a completely different direction from the rumors. What if Parker goes undercover to clear his name, and perhaps even has to live under an alias for a while?

Parker living undercover temporarily may complete the new Spider-Man trilogy

Based on what’s known about the future of Spider-Man, the third movie will complete a trilogy, yet won’t be the last of Spider-Man in the MCU. Going on this, everyone should probably assume he’s going to survive this setup by Mysterio in some way.

It’s easy to imagine him being cleared in the terrorist plot. Regardless, can this version of Spider-Man exist with everyone knowing Parker by name? He may have to live under an alias for a while until either the public forgets, or has to live a life as a celebrity.

Placing the franchise in that territory would bring a whole other set of interesting directions. For Tom Holland, it might even resonate on a personal level since he’s been experiencing fame’s worst sides lately.

Parker going through the same as NYC’s most famous superhero would make him very vulnerable, if learning how to cope to prevent him from being a target…possibly from the new Sinister Six.