The 1 Way ‘You’ Season 2’s Marketing Revealed the Big Twist

Netflix’s You is an example of how a show can find a second wind after leaving a network and going into the streaming universe. After being carried on Lifetime for its first season, its production moved to Netflix for a December release for Season 2. Thanks to the buzz it received and upping the crazy with its lead character, Joe Goldberg, it’s now a big hit and in for a long run.

Setting this up is the latest twist Season 2 offered at the end, something fans note was basically revealed in the marketing poster. Not that such a reveal tells everything about what happened, but it’s worth noting how most marketing promos seem to give away major spoilers.

Let’s explore You‘s latest plot twists and whether they really did this to heighten anticipation.

Spoilers: The new ‘You’ twist is a true doozy

Penn Badgley, star of 'You,' appearing to discuss his new show at the Build Series
‘You’ star Penn Badgley | Jim Spellman/Getty Images

The story of Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) becoming an obsessive serial killer is already one of the darkest stories in the streaming universe. Call it the Joker effect where the public now has a morbid fascination on what makes criminally insane people tick.

In the case of Joe in ‘You,’ he’s so carefully calculated, it’s become a truly chilling exercise of prying into the mentally deranged. Call him the Arthur Fleck of TV without the use of clown makeup.

Joe is more like a Ted Bundy type who can initially attract women, even though an interesting switcheroo happened at the end of Season 2. If one saw the marketing poster this last season, it showed Joe in the middle of two women with a message of “Meet Your Match.” Indeed Joe did in one Love Quinn (played by Victoria Pedretti) who’s about as obsessive as the lead character, even though she’s not the match that fans expected.

Don’t forget to add in the unexpected return of Joe’s former girlfriend, Candace Stone (Ambyr Childers), who’s out to impart revenge on her former boyfriend. Fans believed that she was the match that the marketing materials alluded to, but in a twist, it was Love all along.

The twist of an obsessive serial killer meeting his match has never been done

Let’s give kudos to the ‘You’ writing team for upping the ante on the usually contrived genre of delving into serial killers. The writers deciding to have Joe get a taste of his own medicine in a double obsession between Love and Joe was a little bit brilliant. Part of this includes the chaos of Joe moving to Los Angeles.

How this affects Joe psychologically is worth exploring further as Love Quinn likely begins to show psychotic tendencies when the former starts to back away. As seen at the end of Season 2, Joe is already developing a new obsession with another woman, which could lead to Love making his life hell.

Having this new type of dynamic is interesting enough, but seeing Candace going after Joe is all the more riveting. While thought dead, Candace became a shadowy figure who tried to give Joe the payback karma he deserves, only to be killed by Love Quinn.

All of this seems to add up to a Season 3 poster inevitably showing three women rather than two. Such a marketing tactic is likely more than deliberate since the journey here is more important than basic plot setups.

Season 3 of ‘You’ may involve a complicated triangle

If Season 2 of ‘You’ evolved into Love and Candace intertwining in Joe’s life, the former’s newest obsession will likely be added to the mix next year. Yes, there’s definitely going to be a Season 3, with unconfirmed calculations that it’ll arrive in April of 2021.

There’s also the potential of this going on for years with continually more entangled complications occurring for Joe. Somehow he keeps existing, though perhaps most people of his ilk wouldn’t keep going so long.

Nevertheless, the show might dig even deeper into the mentally deranged mind, if ultimately not showing as many vulnerabilities as Joaquin Phoenix did in Joker. Not that we don’t need more explorations of mental illness in movies/shows, as long as real experts are consulted.