The 1 Weakness That Has Plagued the MCU Will Cease to Be in Phase 4

The MCU — in terms of critical and audience reception — has always ranked above the DCEU. Featuring complex characters and multiple standalone installments — interweaving across years — the MCU works its way, patiently and strategically, towards compelling mash-up films.

Everyone said Ant-Man would be the weakest link, and it snagged a follow-up film. While Marvel continues to take on lesser-known heroes, excelling at every turn, the DCEU has struggled to garner success with its heavy-hitters, including Superman and Batman. However, it’s important to note that DC movies never struggle to sell tickets. The reviews may say flop, but the money tells otherwise. 

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We must remember that the DCEU does boast its successes; many would argue that the films under its umbrella exceed Marvel when it comes to cinematography and tone. Historically, the DCEU has proved more willing to experiment with different color palettes and genres. 

The DCEU is risk-taking, while the MCU, despite its innumerable successes, remains mostly risk-averse. We now reach the main argument that DC enthusiasts, those who tend to eschew Marvel films, make when downplaying the MCU’s triumphs. To simplify the complaint: watching one Marvel movie is like watching all Marvel movies. As one DC enthusiast stated: 

…The DCEU is like walking into a comic book store and taking your pick. Some you like. Others not so much. And some you love. All of it is different and there’s something for everybody. In every book you can see each artist’s and writer’s stamp.

I don’t get that with the MCU. It’s all very efficient and homogenous like you said. It’s like walking into an Apple store. If you like Apple, cool. But it’s not for me.

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While most superhero film fans admit to enjoying both universes, while maintaining a preference for one over the other, many do agree that  — despite their intoxicating nature — Marvel films often mimic one another. However, this may no longer be the case come 2021. 

‘WandaVision’ and ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ will shake things up a bit in Phase 4

While the MCU has remained quite adherent to its formula — pumping out light-hearted, humorous, and heartfelt action movies  —the universe is finally taking a few steps away from their typical vibe in Phase 4. 

WandaVision will occur in the 1950s era and present a superhero take on I Love Lucy. The show will be very different when compared to Marvel’s previous outings and, who knows, maybe those behind the show will choose to parallel the three-camera-system akin to 50s sitcoms. Several of the cast members have already described the show, noting that the scripts are “bonkers.”

While you may be saying, “Disney+ series don’t count,” Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is slated to be an MCU Phase 4 horror film. Considering Scott Derrickson — the man behind Sinister, The Exorcism, and Deliver Us From Evil — is set to direct, the film should blatantly violate previous MCU tendencies.

While we likely won’t get an R-rating, there will definitely be some darker scenes and frightening jump scares. So, it looks like those over at Marvel Studios have been listening to the major complains and, at last, they have chosen to stray from their safety zone. Will it pay off?