The 3 Best Movies in Theaters Right Now: ‘Synchronicity’ and More


As January winds to a close, we have a week jam-packed with amazingly strange movies to see. The latest releases for this weekend may not fall into the “easy watching” category, but they’re still worth your time all the same. Here are our staff’s picks for what you should see.

1. Synchronicity

The sci-fi genre is one that’s constantly evolving. Franchises like Star Wars and Star Trek don’t have a monopoly on new and interesting ideas, evidenced by films like Synchronicity. The time-travel-centric “sci-fi noir” movie is one that draws heavily from the mind-bending future of Blade Runner, while still carrying its own unique sensibilities. It’s far from your run-of-the-mill flashy studio flick, falling more into themes of “hard” sci-fi that challenges our own preconceptions.

There aren’t a whole lot of reviews to judge Synchronicity on quite yet, with eight total critics tallied on Rotten Tomatoes affording it a 50% score. For what it’s worth, a fair amount of the reviews that have been released mention similarities to Memento, so it certainly won’t be a boring affair regardless of whether or not you enjoy the final product.

2. The Boy

The horror genre is one that’s been in a full-on resurgence over the last couple years, marked by the arrival of movies like The Babadook and It Follows. The Boy (at least based on the early trailers) appears to follow a more traditional horror format, albeit one that looks entirely creepy and terrifying. There are few things scarier than a porcelain doll, and as the early days of the Chucky franchise proved, a doll possessed by an evil spirit can work as a terror device. For The Boy, it’s easy to see a modern revamping of that convention working with the right script, director, and actors.

3. Ip Man 3

The legend of the late Bruce Lee can be seen throughout martial arts movies. None are more evident of this though than Ip Man, the “semi-biographical account of Yip Man, the Wing Chun master of Lee.” We’re now on the third movie in the series, with Donnie Yen reprising his iconic role for a third time. For Ip Man 3, Mike Tyson makes an appearance as a ruthless gangster terrorizing a town, with Yen’s character being the only man who can stop him. When you factor in its 81% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s pretty much a no-brainer for your weekend viewing.

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