The 5 Best Looking New Video Games at E3 2015

E3 2015 had a lot of exciting announcements. From all the loads of video games to the interesting new hardware being shown off or announced, there was undeniably something for everyone. Xbox One owners got a look at plenty of big games coming up and a fancy Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. People still thinking about getting a PS4 can now consider grabbing one with a 1-terabyte hard drive. Nintendo gamers have a new Star Fox to look forward to. But one of the most exciting things to get a glimpse of at an event like E3 is new intellectual property, which offer us something we haven’t seen before and maybe didn’t even know we wanted. Here we’ll look at the new IP titles from E3 that looked like they would make for the best games.

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1. The Last Guardian

Team Ico made people wait and wait and wait for The Last Guardian after first showing it off at E3 in 2009. Since then, gamers have been desperate for news about the game. At this E3, Sony delivered. A fresh glimpse was offered in all its modern-gen splendor. The game is looks like a cross between Ico and Shadow of the Colussus, which ought to be a good thing if we can judge it based by the quality of those two games.

In The Last Guardian, you play as a child leading around a giant creature that appears to be something of a blend of a dog and a bird. The scenery looks stunning, and the little bit of gameplay shown at E3 makes it seem certain to be an engaging adventure that almost anyone can get into. We should be able to get our hands on the game in 2016, as long as the game doesn’t pull another vanishing act. Cross your fingers.

2. Horizon: Zero Dawn

While The Last Guardian is new IP in that it still hasn’t been released, Horizon: Zero Dawn is new in that it’s really new. Imagine Turok and Titanfall wrapped up into one. Guerilla Games’s new title takes place in a post-earth, following a human society that emerges after ours is long gone. Cities everywhere are overgrown by nature, and giant robot creatures roam the land.

While little idea of what the whole game will be like was presented at E3, what was actually shown looked beautiful. The game world sounded interesting, and the creativity shown with the robots and the way players will fight or avoid them gives us high hopes for the rest of the game. We all find out if that hope is well placed in 2016.

3. The Division

Ubisoft has done a lot of great things for games under the Tom Clancy name. Rainbow Six has been a stellar franchise for decades. Splinter Cell has been doing similarly fell for almost as long. Let’s not forget Ghost Recon, which is also set to make a glorious comeback. Now The Division is looking to introduce a new bar and raise it.

The Division takes place in a future New York City ravaged by a virus, and anarchy has spread in the aftermath. Gamers will play as members of an elite division operating in the city. There will be RPG elements, open-world exploration, stealth, and action. Much of the intrigue in the game will likely come from online interactions, as players can encounter one another, form squads, meets other squads, and betray one another any time. We’ll get to find out what it’s all about next March, or slightly earlier for those that get into the Beta.

4. No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is one of the most impressive sounding games coming from an indie developer ever. And while it looks beautiful every time Hello Games shows it off, the one element the will be blowing everyone’s minds will be the scale. No Man’s Sky’s procedural generated universe promises to be the size of an actual universe. So, infinite? Maybe no quite, but it should have more planets in the game than all the gamers on earth will be able to explore before gamers of the future wonder what the old foagies are still doing playing a video game on a screen with a controller. Kotaku calculates it’d take 584.9 billion years for someone to visit every plane in No Man’s Sky for just a second each.

While there’s little to say what the experience will be like when gamers relaly get into the game and are doing everything the game allows you to do, it will still be an undoubtedly amazing adventure through the stars. With an insane number of planets to explore, the only way the game will end is probably in gamers getting bored. But that doesn’t seem likely to be something that happens quickly.

5. Adr1ft

While No Man’s Sky will take us all for an incredible space journey, Adr1ft will chuck us into a space catastrophe. Anyone who liked the movie Gravity will probably get a kick out of this. And those of us who didn’t like it might find Adr1ft has whatever Gravity lacked.

In the game, you play an astronaut wandering through the wreckage of what seems to be several space stations. While the visuals look stunning, and the slow drift through space may be relaxing at times, we should all know that space is a treacherous place. Flying debris, breaches in the hull, and having to keep a constant eye on the oxygen gauge will make it a tense experience no matter how pretty the magnolia tree looks floating in a glass chamber hundreds of miles above the surface of the earth. With a release date set for September, we won’t have to wait long to see Adr1ft in action.

Now, we’ve narrowed it down to just these five, because they all look incredible. But this is only our opinion, and there are still other games that look like they’ll be a lot of fun. For Honor looks like a nice sword-play game, but maybe not as good as Chivalry. Battleborn and Overwatch look like they’ll definitely be worth checking out, but don’t look too different from each other or Team Fortress 2. There are also a lot of great looking indie games coming, like Firewatch.

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