The 5 Most Inappropriate Commercials on TV Ever

Commercials tend to just be an annoyance that gets in the way of our entertainment. So in order to be successful many of them have been pushing the envelope. The saying “sex sells” is definitely true in the advertising industry and has led to some crazy inappropriate commercials, but also some good Superbowl ones. So which were the ones that might have taken it too far? These five are probably the most inappropriate commercials on TV ever.

1. Deadpool

The movieĀ hit the record for biggest rated-R opening weekend with $132.7 million. A big part of that was probably the awesome promotion before the release. The ads were almost inescapable online and TV. There were a few good one that even had the hero demonstrate to audience how to exam themselves testicular and breast cancer. But the promotion didn’t stop there.

The marketing for the movie definitely strived to get the point across that this was a rated-R superhero movie. It also heavily relied on the fact that it was coming out in time for Valentine’s Day. This ad is certainly not the dirtiest one to be found on TV, but because it has a close up of the hero’s crotch, has some bleeped out cursing, and strong message about getting sex after the movie.

2. Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr. is known for using sexy celebrities to sell their burgers like Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum, and more. But this Super Bowl 2015 commercial takes the cake because it shows off the most skin. In order to promote the all-natural burger they had model walk through a farmer’s market completely naked and hidden behind some suggestive fruit and vegetables.

3. Doritos

The snack company has been making headlines for their crazy commercials. The most recent one being of a baby leaving its pregnant mother’s body after the father throws a bag of Doritos across the room. But this one is less scary and more sexual. A guy on a bench is eating the chips when a jogger comes by and licks his face. He then gets the idea to put the chips all over his lap, only to find his plan wouldn’t go as planned.

4. Axe

It makes sense that a body spray and wash for men will try to give the message that their product will increase their users’ sex appeal. But this ad focused on the appeal of one certain body part on men. That would be the balls! This ad makes a not-so-subtle demonstration of what the product is supposed to do on different men’s balls.

5. Trojan

It makes sense that condom commercials would be on the more risky side. But this one shows a masseuse presumably giving a happy ending. It is definitely the kind of commercial you would feel uncomfortable to watch in front of certain company until you get to the goofy ending.

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