The 6 Best TV Shows on Tuesday Night

An indisputable fact: We’ve never lived in a time when we’ve had as much watchable TV as we do right now. Most people have a small handful of shows they like to keep up on, the list of shows their friends insist they start watching, and then the ones they avoid at all costs. But it can be hard to keep up with everything if you don’t have a meticulously set DVR paired with a premium cable package. Thankfully, we’re here to make things a lot of easier.

Tuesday night may be one of the busiest nights in television out there, featuring a lineup of shows across multiple networks. There truly is something for everyone on Tuesday nights, from superheroes to zombies to quirky comedies. You’d be hard-pressed to get to Tuesday and not find something to enjoy, no matter what your TV interests might be. So sit back, tune in, and pick your favorite TV shows.

1. The Flash, The CW at 8 p.m. EST

If you haven’t been watching The Flash up until now, we highly recommend starting. It’s far more than your typical superhero show, and arguably is the best one on television right now. It stars Grant Gustin as the titular hero, known in the opening sequence as “the fastest man alive.” After getting struck by lightning following the explosion of a particle accelerator, Barry Allen (the Flash’s alter ego) gains super-speed.

Throughout the inaugural season, our hero has battled villains of all shapes and sizes, all while trying to find the mysterious speedster that murdered his mother when he was a child. Recently it’s ramped up to include time travel and an evil psychic gorilla, so needless to say, it revels in the more comic book-y aspects of its story.

2. Agents of SHIELD, ABC at 9 p.m. EST

The CW isn’t the only network playing the superhero game right now. As the companion series to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Agents of SHIELD has made for an insanely entertaining look at the secondary characters we never would have seen otherwise.

While the Avengers are out battling aliens and killer robots, Phil Coulson and his team are battling the evil HYDRA, an organization hell-bent on global annihilation. But the plot goes far deeper than that as a poignant character piece that really digs into the true nature of its characters. It’s far less whimsical than its CW counterpart, and as such makes for the perfect balance.

3. Community, Yahoo! Screen, available to stream at midnight every Tuesday night

Once the cult classic Internet darling of NBC, Community has been reborn on Yahoo’s new streaming service. It spent five seasons on network television defining meta-humor under the careful watch of mercurial showrunner Dan Harmon. After finding itself cancelled, Yahoo! stepped in to bring it back for at least one more season. Buzz for the current season has been minimal, but much of that could be attributed to the fact that for once, its life doesn’t depend on viewers tuning in en masse on a weekly basis. It’s back now, though, and more than worth watching. [Update: All of season 6 is now available to watch anytime on Yahoo, while seasons 1-5 are available on Hulu.]

4. Chicago Fire, NBC at 10 p.m. EST

Now in the final leg of its third season, Chicago Fire has filled the firefighter-shaped hole in our hearts since FX’s Rescue Me went off the air. Since it’s a network show, it features more romance drama and less of Dennis Leary’s alcoholism than Rescue Me. 

It comes straight from the creative mind of Law and Order mastermind Dick Wolf, making it an entertaining look at the nuts and bolts of the fire department, even spawning a spin-off show in Chicago P.D. The spinoff in turn led to a three-way crossover among Law and Order: SVU, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Fire, so needless to say, the TV universe of this show is expansive.

5. iZombie, The CW at 9 p.m. EST

iZombie was originally a wildly successful series of graphic novels. With a wealth of source material to pull from, it’s translated beautifully into the realm of television, featuring one of the more unique takes on the zombie genre we’ve ever seen. Our main character, Liv, is a newly minted member of the undead, except with a whole new set of rules: She can work and function as a normal human being, provided she has a steady diet of brains to eat.

Each brain she consumes imbues her with the memories and abilities of that person, a skill she uses as a medical examiner for the Seattle Police Department to solve crimes. It’s equal parts supernatural drama and crime procedural, a formula the CW seems to have down pretty well at this point.

6. NCIS, CBS at 8 p.m. EST

You wouldn’t think a show about the Naval Criminal Investigative Service would have much to offer at first glance, but this staple of CBS’s crime lineup has managed to get plenty of mileage out of that premise. It’s been around upwards of 12 years, making a perfect companion show to CBS’s other crime dramas. If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that NCIS will manage to be consistently entertaining every week. Basically, it’s the perfect show to casually follow with little guilt over the level of your commitment.

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