‘The Amazing Race’ Season 31 Episode 10: Which Team Got Eliminated?

The Amazing Race Season 31 Episode 10 continues in Kamden, the Netherlands with Colin and Christie, Nicole and Victor, Team Fun, Team Afghanimals, and Tyler and Korey. This leg of the race includes a high or dry detour and a lot of tandem-bike riding. Which team got eliminated on Season 31 Episode 10, or was this a non-elimination leg?

** SPOILER ALERT ** This article contains information revealed in The Amazing Race Season 31 Episode 10.

The Amazing Race Season 31 Episode 10
Phil Keoghan, host | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

‘The Amazing Race’ high or low detour on Episode 10

The leg started with the teams racing each other on bicycles to search for a clue. The instructions were to complete a high or dry detour. For the high detour, the teams had to go to a field and retrieve a fake cow. Then, they had to hoist the cow up several stories high in 40 seconds to complete the stop. The dry detour included crossing a river the Dutch way, using a long pole to catapult yourself over, to retrieve a dozen eggs and two balls of cheese on the other side. The teams then had to go back without breaking the eggs.

Colin Guinn and Christie Woods, Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl, and Leo Temory and Jamar Zadran all picked the high detour. Tyler and Korey hoisted their cow up seconds before Colin and Christie. The two teams traveled to the stop together, a double U-turn, before splitting up when Tyler and Korey lost Colin and Christie as they were driving to their next destination. The Afghanimals finished the detour minutes after the first two teams.

Victor Arroyo and Nicole Franzel is the only team who chose the dry detour first on The Amazing Race Season 31 Episode 10. Victor pole vaulted before, so he quickly swung himself to the other side. However, it took Nicole ten times before finally getting air, allowing them to retrieve the eggs and cheese.

Surprise double U-turn on ‘The Amazing Race’ Episode 10

Even though Colin and Christie and Tyler and Korey were the first teams to the U-turn, they decided to let the last teams figure it out among themselves. Team Afghanimals reached it next and chose to U-turn Nicole and Victor because Nic and Vic said they would U-turn them in Switzerland on Leg 8. Nicole and Victor then had to U-turn Team Fun to avoid finishing last.

Nicole and Victor had to hoist up the cow, which proved to be difficult for them after riding the bicycle back and forth. They were the only team not to get the cow to the top in 40 seconds and had to try again. However, they were successful the second time.

Team Fun had to go back and complete the dry detour. Even though they had no trouble propelling themselves across the river, they cracked an egg in the process. The team did not check the eggs before going to the market and had to return to the river and do it over again, which ended up being a critical mistake.

Who went home on ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 31 Episode 10?

After completing the detour, the teams had to drive themselves to Smit Giethoorn and go to a marked motorboat. Then, they had to find two more boats to attach to their boat and navigate through tiny, crowded canals to their next pit stop, Boven Wijde Lake, where host Phil Keoghan is waiting for them.

After the detour, Colin and Christie led the next two teams to the canal. However, Tyler and Korey got lost and had to stop and ask for directions. The Afghanimals stayed with Colin and Christie, and they began the boat task simultaneously. Colin and Christie almost had no problems, and finished first place, also winning $7,500 each.

Tyler and Korey had a harder time navigating the canals and bumped into several other people. The locals became annoyed with them, and one person called them “idiots.” However, they placed at the top again, coming in at number two.

The Afghanimals also had a difficult time, and their motor stopped working because something got stuck in it. However, a local helped the team and sent them on their way. After missing the second set of boats, and going down the wrong way down a one-way, they finished third.

The end of The Amazing Race Season 31 Episode 10 came down to the two U-turned teams, Nicole and Victor and Team Fun. Even though they both completed the boat mission around the same time, Nicole and Victor finished just minutes before Team Fun, eliminating the fan-favorite team.

Nicole and Victor are now the only team who have never competed in The Amazing Race still in the competition. Team Fun went out with another acapella rap and vowed to remain positive people.

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