The Animal Rights Group That Bought Jenelle Evans’ Business URL Has Officially Launched Their Website has officially gone live, but not in the way Jenelle Evans had hoped. The domain name was once earmarked for the launch of her cosmetics line, but Evans forgot one little detail when preparing for the Fall 2019 launch date- to keep her payments up to date.

When an animal rights group noticed that the domain name was up for grabs, they decided to turn the situation into something useful. The group purchased the domain, along with every other potential domain that Evans could possibly use for her makeup business, in addition to a few others just to drive home their point. The website will be used to host information about animal rights and rescues.

What domain names did the animal rights group buy?

The group started with JECosmeticsinc to thwart the former Teen Mom 2 star’s makeup business. The domain had been previously set up to peddle Evans’ makeup line. They also purchased several domains that utilize Evans’ name, David Eason’s name, and any potential name she could use for the business. The possible business URLs obtained include,, and PBandJenelly is also Evans’ twitter handle.

To just round out their purchases, the masterminds behind the commandeering also purchased domains that specifically relate to Eason’s actions. They have purchased and The list of purchased domains can be found in the privacy policy of Nugget Cosmetics Inc. Each domain is listed in bullet form and utilizes little French bulldog bullet points.

What is currently live on the domain name?

The group behind the website has made quick work of putting up content. The basic concept is to treat the domain as an animal rights website.  Currently, the URL houses links to animal rescue organizations and information about where readers can adopt a pet or donate to charities that rescue dogs and cats.

The website also houses a ticker of articles about Evans and the ongoing battle for justice. Info about the troubled couple’s ongoing court battle is also included. Going forward, the team behind the site plans to keep rescue information updated.

When does the lease expire?

Less than a month ago, a fundraiser was launched to raise the money needed to purchase the website. A good Samaritan, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased the rights to the JECosmeticsinc domain along with several others for a year. All donations were returned to donors.

Whether or not the good Samaritan plans to release the domain at the end of 12 months remains to be seen. They will, however, have the option to sign the lease again upon its expiration. If they do not, Evans and her team could potentially reclaim the site. Currently, the former reality star has set up shop at a different domain name, although the link to her makeup line was still leading to the now commandeered URL as of June 27. 

What is the impact?

How the loss of her domain will impact Evans’ attempt to launch a makeup line is not yet known. After all, Evans hasn’t officially released anything yet, and it is possible that this attempt to get the line off the ground is half-hearted, like its first attempted launch.

The mother of three has been working on everything from an eyebrow kit to lip colors since 2017. Her first attempt to launch the line was thwarted by several issues, including fans alleging she was simply putting her stamp on other products. Evans has claimed to be in meetings regarding the line and testing out products in recent months. If that’s true and her products have been produced and packaged, the loss of the JECosmetics domain name could severely impact its success.