The ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Decision That Left MCU Fans Divided

Avengers: Endgame — a cinematic spectacle surging with superhero splendor, bittersweet nostalgia, and character-driven narratives. The final chapter of Phase 3 was perfect in every way … right?

Deemed the peak of the genre, Avengers: Endgame exploited a commonly used plot device, yet the film still succeeded as various critics and audiences alike found the approach unequivocally original. Still, others found it overdone. 

Avengers: Endgame
‘Avengers: Endgame’ | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

The MCU set a standard with Infinity War that was hard to surpass. In Endgame, Tony Stark’s sacrifice — and transition from egotist to savior — as well as Captain America’s relinquishing of the mantle pulled at all the heartstrings. Such impactful conclusions made the film one of, if not the most emotionally stirring Avengers installment to date.

Without the sweeping sentimentality, would the film have fallen flat? Without the knowledge that Endgame was the end for some of our OG heroes, would the movie have paled in comparison to Infinity War? 

Many fans feel that while Avengers: Endgame was quite the masterpiece, the use of time travel — no matter how “different” the corrective approach — was lazy and uninspired. Others felt that those behind the film went out of their way to make Endgame’s use of time travel unique. The debate divides MCU fans to this day. 

Why some fans feel that time travel was a poor way out of a problem in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ 

From Back to the Future and Looper to X-Men: Days of Future Past and The Butterfly Effect, how many sci-fi oriented movies will travel into the past to change the present (or some variant of a similar shtick) before it gets old? One MCU enthusiast stated:

…I have seen all the Marvel movies and have seen also the last 2 avengers movie in cinema.

I think marvel movies are good but just not the last Avengers movie.

But i still think writers could have use other story/logics to bring back people other than using time travel.

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With the power of the Infinity Stones at their disposal, as well as two of the smartest scientists known to humanity — Bruce Banner and Tony Stark — many fans agree that something other than time travel could have been utilized, breaking away from the stereotypical fix used to reverse negative fallouts. One fan stated:

It was a lot better than I expected it to be, but I still wish they could’ve done something else. I would’ve rather seen new planets and stuff rather than just going back to old movies.

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While some fans just yearned for something different, less predictable, other fans feel that Endgame didn’t attempt to reverse the past as other sci-fi stories often do; the writers went about the time travel quite differently.

Fans in favor of time travel in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ 

Fans who enjoyed the time travel plot device in Avengers: Endgame note that the creators were so original in the approach that it didn’t wreak of bad writing or cliche tropes. One fan stated:

… I personally liked it. It felt new being that they used a concept never really seen before in time travel movies. Rather than having a butterfly effect like every other movie, the whole change one thing = new reality was something I never saw before. Plus, we wouldn’t have gotten cap wielding the hammer if it wasn’t for time travel

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The writers knew that time travel was a risk, so they did all in their power to avoid the frequently used method. Some fans argue this was enough to maintain the movie’s originality and appeal; however, others wanted more. Other expected more.