‘The Bachelor’: 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Peter Weber

The Bachelor finale this week was a complete “finasco” for all parties involved. To break up the intensity of it all, Peter Weber took part in Jimmy Kimmel’s coveted segment, “Three Ridiculous Questions.” Fortunately, Weber’s answers gave Bachelor Nation some insight as to how Pilot Pete’s mind really works. And it’s a pretty hilarious operation. 

Here’s what Peter Weber thinks about t-shirts that read “Wine O’Clock,” people who clap their hands when a plane lands, and panda bears — plus a bonus Weber fact that wasn’t aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy Kimmel Live Peter Weber
Jimmy Kimmel & Peter Weber | Randy Holmes via Getty Images

The bachelor appreciates ‘wine o’clock’ 

Join the club, Peter! When Kimmel asked Weber if he would marry a woman that wore a shirt that reads, “It’s Wine O’Clock,” Weber said, “a hundred percent.”

If only one of the women his season had known to pack their wine-themed graphic tees, things may have turned out differently. 

Peter Weber says clapping at the end of a flight is ‘useless’ 

Are you the kind of person who cheers when the captain successfully lands a plane? The pilots can’t hear you!

“When people clap at the end of a flight, can you even hear that?” Kimmel questioned. Pilot Pete said doing so was useless, thanks to their noise-canceling headphones and reinforced cockpit door. 

Do not get discouraged, airplane clappers. Just because you can’t be heard doesn’t mean the hard-working pilots don’t appreciate your enthusiasm. Despite not being able to hear the sound of your joy, Weber encouraged people to keep doing it. “It makes us feel good to know that it happened,” the pilot admitted.

Peter Weber has an interesting take on pandas

It’s okay, Bachelor Nation — it would not be by choice! Kimmel asked, “If you had to eat one animal from the zoo, which one would you choose?” Remember, these are “ridiculous questions.” 

Weber struggled to answer for a second. Perturbed, he finally said: “This is so bad, but probably a panda because I love Panda Express.” Now Bachelor fans are wondering what Weber’s ordering at his local Panda Express. 

Pilot Pete’s thoughts on airplane mode

When you’re interviewing a bachelor who’s also a pilot, you’ve got to ask all the pilot-related questions. Jimmy Kimmel seized that opportunity. 

Kimmel asked if airplane mode was “B.S.” Too excited to address whether or not the phone setting truly works, Weber said, “I actually have a hat that says airplane mode. It’s just a picture of an airplane, mode,” he explained, pantomiming wearing a hat.

Of course you do, Peter! Kimmel knew he struck gold by asking that question, explaining to Weber how his airplane mode was different from his phone’s airplane mode. 

“Oh, you’re talking about on the phone,” Weber clarified. “What else would I be talking about? I’m not a pilot…” Kimmel joked. 

“I don’t know where I was going with that. I just got super excited because it reminded me of my hat!” Weber exclaimed.

After a difficult finale of The Bachelor, Jimmy Kimmel’s unconventional interview style was a fun, light-hearted way for fans to get to know this pilot a bit better.