‘The Bachelor’: 10 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets From Season 21

This season of The Bachelor has been full of drama. That includes Corinne missing a rose ceremony and trying to seduce Nick Viall with whipped cream. Also, how could we forget that one of the contestants slept with Nick before the show?

Well, there was just as much drama behind-the-scenes as there was on-screen. That’s normal given that there are so many things that the producers try to hide in order to stick to certain story lines. After all, there is only so much drama viewers can take while still believing Nick is falling in love with these ladies. But, are you curious about what most viewers missed? Here are 10 behind-the-scenes secrets from Season 21.

1. Nick knew about the drama in the house

The Bachelor

Corinne on The Bachelor | ABC

The ladies in the house tend to react one of two ways when there is drama. One is to put on a happy face around the bachelor and pretend everything is fine. This is smart since it allows them to focus more on Nick. The other  way is to tell the bachelor about it in hopes it will get the other woman off the show. Option two happened this season, but Nick reveals he didn’t have to be told about the drama.

“I was probably more aware of things than some of the women realized,” Nick said according to Us Weekly. “But you don’t know everything. You don’t know every conversation that’s being talked about — I don’t get to hear the women’s interviews that they’re giving. But I always had a pretty good idea of what was going on.”

2. Nick didn’t like Taylor attacking Corinne’s emotional intelligence

The Bachelor

Taylor, Nick, and Corinne on The Bachelor | ABC

Things got heated between Taylor and Corinne to the point that Taylor said Corinne can’t be ready for a relationship with Nick due to her lack of emotional intelligence. Nick ended up picking Corinne and he said it had to do with his feelings toward the two women. But it looks like he also didn’t like Taylor’s accusation.

“I think a general rule of thumb is that I don’t think anyone is in any position to tell someone whether they’re ready for a relationship outside the two people in that relationship,” Nick said according to People Magazine. “If I decide that I don’t think it’s the right fit, well, I’m part of that relationship so I have a right to make that judgment, and so does Corinne.”

3. Jasmine G. slept with Nick’s friend

The Bachelor

Jasmine G. on The Bachelor | ABC

We all saw Jasmine have a breakdown when she wasn’t getting any alone time with Nick. It led to an awkward talk between them where Jasmine talks about wanting to choke him, then repeatedly does so “jokingly.” Nick is obviously uncomfortable and immediately sends her home.

But one thing we didn’t see is how she reportedly got revenge. After she got eliminated she told Nick, “Oh yeah, by the way, I banged your boy. Peace out,” according to Reality Steve. It’s unclear who the friend is and why the network decided not to air that juicy detail.

4. Nick reportedly was a diva on set

Nick Viall

Nick Viall on Bachelor in Paradise | ABC

Has fame gotten to Nick’s head? Well, after being a huge player on two seasons of The Bachelorette and one season on Bachelor in Paradise, this might be the case. Reportedly, his diva behavior on set rubbed the women the wrong way. A source told In Touch that Nick came off as “completely arrogant and a total diva.” The source continued, “He refuses to film unless [his hair] is absolutely perfect. He also has this weird habit of giving mints to the girls before he kisses them. It’s so rude!”

5. Nick supposedly talked about sex a lot with the women

The Bachelor

The Bachelor | ABC

Nick notoriously told the world that Andi Dorfman slept with him. So he has a history of being down for sex while on the show. But he reportedly would bring this up with the women a lot, which was a red flag. “He [was] always expressing [to the women] that sex is important to him,” a source told In Touch. “It comes off as sleazy!”

6. Liz reportedly tried meeting up with Nick before the show

The Bachelor

Liz and Nick Viall on The Bachelor | ABC

The season started off with Liz coming on the show after having a one-night stand with Nick after Jade Tolbert’s wedding. This led to some awkward conversations, since Nick brought up her turning him down after he asked for her number.

Well, it seems like Liz did try to reach out to Nick after they slept together, but he didn’t know it. Jade explained that Liz reached out in a “passive way” by getting Jade to ask him to meet up with them at a charity event.

She was like, ‘Why don’t you invite Nick? I kind of would like to see him again.’ And I was like, ‘OK!’ So I sent him a text, and he was like, ‘You know what, I have some things in the works,’ which was the show. He was like, ‘I don’t know if I can make it,’ and he couldn’t.

7. Many of the contestants wanted to quit, including the finalists

The Bachelor

The Bachelor | ABC

In a recent episode, many of the women vocally hated the volleyball group date. In addition, Rachel told Nick that she thought about going home. Apparently this desire was common among contestants this season. “Three out of the final four girls have been thinking about quitting the show since the beginning,” an insider told In Touch. This, of course, reportedly effected Nick.

8. Nick gets upset when the women turn on him

Nick Viall

Nick Viall on The Bachelor | ABC

We see Nick cry multiple times throughout the season. Often the reason given is that he’s scared he won’t find love at the end of the show. However, this is reportedly only partially the reason why he was upset. “Nick sheds many tears this season and it’s due to the fact that the girls pretty much turn on him,” an insider told In Touch. “There will be explosive fights — and Nick will once again look like a fool.”

9. Raven was picked for Luke Pell

The Bachelor

Nick Viall and Raven on The Bachelor | ABC

Many thought Luke Pell was going to be the next bachelor, including some producers. According to reports, there were contestants gathered for him and Raven was one of them. “She was chosen to be Luke’s Southern belle,” a source told In Touch. But once they switched gears they decided to keep her because she’s a “cute girl.” It looks like things might work out between Nick and Raven anyways.

10. The woman who wins this season isn’t happy with Nick

Nick Viall

Nick Viall on The Bachelorette | ABC

We still don’t know who wins this season, but there are reports that whoever it is isn’t happy. Apparently this is because she is seeing another side to Nick while watching the show. Perhaps we will see Nick dumped on After the Final Rose. An insider told In Touch:

During filming, Nick was really sweet and charming toward her. But watching back each episode, the winner is realizing more and more that Nick is a fraud. She finds his behavior to be completely inappropriate and she feels betrayed.

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