‘The Bachelor’: Ben Higgins Still Believes Hannah Brown Comes Back to Steal Peter Weber’s Heart This Season

We are halfway through Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, and the drama is not about to let up anytime soon. Former bachelor — Ben Higgins — thinks Hannah Brown shakes up the show even more when she returns. Let’s take a look at why Higgins believes that even Weber’s mother still wants the pilot to choose Brown.

Peter Weber and Hannah Brown
Peter Weber and Hannah Brown | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

Hannah Brown returned to ‘The Bachelor’ twice already — isn’t that enough?

How could we forget Brown’s two appearances on The Bachelor Season 24? She came at the end of week 1, innocently enough, to bring back his pilot wings and wish him well.

However, it didn’t end there. The couple sat down for a heart-to-heart, and Weber found out that Brown regrets sending him home on her season of The Bachelorette.

She returns in the second week to run a date for Weber’s contestants, but the whole thing goes awry. Brown ends up hysterically crying, admitting she still has strong feelings for Weber. 

The show’s host, Chris Harrison, told ET that there is still chemistry there, and that’s why they wanted to bring her back on the show. Ultimately, Weber sent the former bachelorette home and told his contestants that he is ready to move on. Will we see her again?

Why does former bachelor, Ben Higgins, think Brown returns to the show?

Higgins and former bachelorette, Ashley Iaconetti, have a podcast together, The Ben & Ashley | Almost Famous Podcast where they discuss the show. They also interview celebrities, past contestants, and avid fans. It is during one episode that Higgins reveals that he believes Brown makes a come back.

“I really think Hannah Brown comes back,” Higgins told Iaconetti on their Feb. 3, 2020, podcast. “I will stick to it until we watch this thing. I just get a sense based on the press, based on interviews, based on what we have talked to people about.” 

Iaconetti cannot believe that Higgins thinks that Brown returns to the show yet again.

“I get a sense that this season — even though it feels dramatic now — gets even more dramatic later,” Higgins continues. “I think it’s a happy ending. I think there’s love, but I think it gets really, really dramatic. I can only think that Hannah Brown will add that drama. I don’t know how these women get more dramatic than they already are.” 

At least the cohosts agree on this one thing. The women on Weber’s season are full of drama. However, Brown brings even more than they have on their own.

Is Peter Weber’s mother speaking about Hannah Brown in the viral video clip?

“There is a picture of Peter’s mom that is blowing up the airways,” Higgins describes. “His mom is saying, ‘Bring her back.’ Who could this possibly be, Ashley?”

The clip is part of the full season preview below. Early on in the season, Iaconetti explains that everyone thought Mrs. Weber was talking about Brown. However, at this point, many speculate that it is Madison since she attended Weber’s parents’ vow renewal. Higgins thinks otherwise.

“I think Peter’s mom is passionately, passionately speaking about Hannah Brown,” Higgins says. 

As a former bachelor, Higgins knows the drama of the show well. It seems very telling that he still thinks Weber will end up with Brown.

There’s only one way for us to find out if he’s right—we will keep watching The Bachelor every Monday night. Don’t forget there’s also a special Wednesday night episode Feb. 5, 2020, at 8 pm ET on ABC.