‘The Bachelor’: Caelynn’s Stepdad Stole the Show on the Hometowns Episode

Colton and Caelynn |Josh Vertucci via Getty Images
Colton and Caelynn |Josh Vertucci via Getty Images

Hometowns were last night and we got to take a closer look at what makes our bachelor contestants who they are. Cassie’s family is blonde and beautiful, Hannah’s family is filled with southern spunk, Tayshia’s family is protective and sweet, and Caelynn has the cutest stepdad around.

The date

When Caelynn and Colton began their hometown date the two were all smiles (though Colton didn’t seem as enthusiastic about Caelynn as he typically does). They rode around town in a horse-drawn carriage, ate some ice cream, and visited with Caelynn’s family.

Caelynn’s talk with her sister

Caelynn’s sister pulled her aside to talk to her about her relationship with Colton. Caelynn told her sister that she understands why she’d be protective of her because she’s seen her “go through hell and back.” Like any good sister, she told Caelynn that she deserves the best because she’s gone through so much.

America’s sweetheart: Caelynn’s stepdad John

Then, in a rare authentic bachelor moment, Caelynn had the sweetest exchange with her stepdad.

“So, tell me what’s goin’ on,” he began the conversation.

She opened up to John and told him that she went on the show thinking she’d have some fun, but she pretty quickly developed serious feelings for Colton. She told him about how her relationship with Colton felt natural and that he makes her feel safe (almost all of the girls told their families the same thing on their hometowns). John was hanging on her every word.

Then he asked her if she wants to get married (keep in mind that the last time he saw Caelynn, she was a 23-year-old single woman). “I do,” she replied.

She went on to tell him about the talk she had with Colton about her dad, how she had always considered John to be her father.

“You just have exemplified what a father is my whole life and my biological father has never been there, not once, and for you to be able to be the perfect and better replacement of a dad means a lot.”

John was a goner.

“Oh my god, thank you for saying that,” he replied. He told Caelynn hearing that made him feel like he had at least done one thing right. John!

Cue: Twitter losing its mind over even just a sliver of authentic love and communication on The Bachelor.


Thank you for being you, John! At least you don’t have to worry about your daughter getting married before she’s ready now!

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