‘The Bachelor’: Cassie and Colton Have a Hometown Date Redo

Cassie and Colton’s official hometown date on The Bachelor didn’t exactly go according to plan. During the surf lesson Cassie gave Colton, their chemistry felt a little off. Colton seemed very much smitten with Cassie, but you could tell she was holding back. Colton, in his one-on-one interviews that aired during the episode, kept saying how much he’d like to hear Cassie say ‘I love you,’ because he was ready to tell her. Much to Colton’s disappointment, it didn’t happen. Then during the family portion of the date, Colton wasn’t able to receive a blessing from Cassie’s dad, was he to choose her to get engaged come the end of the season. During his heart-to-heart with his daughter, Cassie’s dad appeared to be less than impressed with Colton. He could also tell his daughter wasn’t ready to be engaged. Fast forward a couple weeks later and Cassie’s dad flew to Portugal during Cassie’s fantasy suite date to talk his daughter out of participating in the show.

Cassie and Colton | Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images
Cassie and Colton | Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images

A lot of drama, one fence jump, and a two-part finale later, Cassie and Colton are incredibly in love. Colton even gets along with Cassie’s dad now. So the two decided to redo their Huntington Beach hometown date.

Cassie and Colton’s weekend in Huntington Beach

The two lovebirds spent the weekend in Cassie’s hometown (and the couple’s future home–they hope to buy a house in Huntington Beach someday).

Cassie posted a photo on Colton’s Instagram to let their following know they’d be spending the weekend at the beach together.

Once there, the couple enjoyed a weekend of food, drinks, friends, family, bike rides, and lots and lots of PDA.

Just to show the world how good he is with Cassie’s dad now, Colton posted a photo of Cassie with her arms around both him and her dad. Colton, of course, is kissing her on the cheek, while her dad shares a big smile with the camera.

Colton even posted a picture with one of Cassie’s cats! “I’m still a dog guy,” he captioned the photo.  

He also posted a sweet, sweet photo of the two of them kissing at a bar in Huntington Beach called The Bungalow.

Along with a couple photos of her and her sister posing beachside, Cassie posted a photo of herself, Colton, and two of her friends. Colton is, again, kissing her cheek. “Here goes our actual hometown date :)” she captioned the photo.

A source told E! News that Cassie and Colton spent some time at Sandy’s Beach Shack in Huntington Beach over the weekend. “They were with friends and some of Cassie’s family. They loved the food and loved eating so close to the water. They were very friendly with everyone who approached them. A lot of people thought Colton couldn’t keep his hands off of Cassie. They seemed very much in love,” said the source.

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