‘The Bachelor’: Cassie Convinced Colton to be Friends With Caelynn

After a dramatic ending of his season of The Bachelor, Colton Underwood is finally settling into an almost normal routine with his girlfriend and the winner of his final rose, Cassie Randolph. The two didn’t have the smoothest of roads to get to where they are today (very happy and in love), but they certainly have a unique love story that’s all their own.

Colton and Cassie have been extremely busy since the end of The Bachelor. Fans following the couple on Instagram know they’ve been having fun in Las Vegas, Huntington Beach, New York, and, most recently, Stagecoach. Everywhere they go, they’re bombarded with questions about their relationship, an expected side-effect of finding love on national television.

Colton and Caelynn | Josh Vertucci via Getty Images
Colton and Caelynn | Josh Vertucci via Getty Images

In a recent interview with ET, Lauren Zima asked the couple about their “new life.”

“It’s been so busy, so crazy, sometimes overwhelming,” said Cassie. “But we’re trying to have fun with it.”

Watching the couple on Instagram, you can tell they’re really trying to find the fun in their new glamorous lives, despite their exhaustion.

Cassie and Caelynn live in the same apartment building

Part of Cassie and Colton’s “new life” includes remaining close with former Bachelor contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes.

Cassie moved from Huntington Beach to West Hollywood with her sister, Michelle Randolph. And, surprise! Caelynn lives in the same building!

Cassie and Caelynn became very close during their time on The Bachelor. There was even some drama around whether the two women were really there to get engaged or further their careers, become The Bachelorette, etc. For a few episodes, it felt like it was Cassie and Caelynn against all the other women in the mansion.

Cassie wants Colton and Caelynn to be friends

Today, the two are still tight buds. So tight, that it was important to Cassie that Colton get to a point where he could be friends with Caelynn.  

Caelynn and Colton began to fall in love during their time on the show, so becoming friends was something that took time.

“It took time. It really did. Our relationship dynamic definitely changed, obviously. But it took time,” said Colton.

When Zima asked the couple what the conversation about being friends with Caelynn sounded like, Cassie said the biggest factor in everyone moving on was just getting off the show and back to the real world.

“It wasn’t really a matter of conversations to be had, it was more time to get back to the normality of everything and get past the kind of ‘Bachelor bubble’ that I feel like we were in. Now everything is so different than it was when we were filming so it’s made it a lot easier to kind of process and deal with everything,” she said.  

Colton said that Cassie made it clear to him that it was important to her for him to be ok with Caelynn.

“Cas shared with me, ‘Caelynn is one of my best friends. I really connected with her and it’s really important that, at some point, you can become friends with her, too.’ I think it’d be weird if I was like ‘hey don’t hang out with this person,’ and Caelynn’s a really good person. I know that first-hand so I’m very supportive of their friendship and I’m glad we’re all getting along,” said Colton.  

Colton says they’re one big happy family now. His one wish is that Caelynn goes to Paradise and finds herself a boyfriend on the beach so the four of them can go on double dates.   

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