‘The Bachelor’: Cassie’s Cosmo Interview Proves She’s So In Love With Colton

Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood didn’t have the smoothest road to love on The Bachelor. Cassie broke up with her current boyfriend while she was still on the show after her dad flew to Portugal to help her realize she wasn’t that into him–something that had been painfully apparent to fans throughout almost the entirety of the season. When the couple would go on dates, it seemed like Colton was thoroughly smitten while Cassie could always take it or leave it. It wasn’t a huge shock when she told Colton she wanted to leave the show and go home.

Cassie and Colton | Phillip Faraone/WireImage
Cassie and Colton | Phillip Faraone/WireImage

What was a huge shock was when Colton jumped an eight-foot fence to clear his head and came back only to break up with the remaining to women on the show so he could devote the rest of his time to winning Cassie back. She did come back, but by no means enthusiastically. By the looks of their time in Spain, everyone watching along at home really thought Cassie and Colton would break up as soon as the show ended.

But when the couple appeared on After The Final Rose, they said they were both in love. Several months later and the couple is still together and seem to be very happy. But it’s understandable that there are still Cassie and Colton skeptics out there after such a bumpy beginning.

Many people point to Cassie’s body language when she’s with Colton as a sign that she’s still not very interested.

“People are always like, ‘Cassie’s body language says she’s not into Colton.’ I’m like, ‘What? How’d you gather that?’” she told ET. But the reality star says she’s learning how to block out negative comments.  

Cassie’s interview with Cosmo

Cassie was recently interviewed by Cosmopolitan (she’s featured, along with her sister Michelle, in the July print issue) about her fashion sense. According to Cosmo, Cassie seems to be very much in love with Colton, just by the frequency in which she brought up Colton’s name alone.

“Just minutes into her Cosmo interview about her fashion sense, Cassie brought him up,” reports the publication.

“Attention, Bachelor Nation conspiracy theorists: Based on Cassie’s gushing, this relationship is ~real~,” the article goes on.  

In fact, she seemed to talk about Colton and his fashion sense/beauty routine more than her own.

Some of her favorite outfits? “I wear Colton’s shirts to bed and his sweatshirts outside.”

A question about her skincare revealed: “Colton is obsessed with brushing his teeth but doesn’t really wash his face,” and more on Colton’s beauty routine.

“Colton is very hygienic,” Cassie laughed. “He really likes to be clean. And clipping his nails. He always has, like, clean nails.”

She also spoke about how Colton helps her pick out her outfits. She told Cosmo that Colton helped her pick out the white ensemble she wore to After the Final Rose. She said Colton actually helps to style her for most of their big events. During fittings, he heads to the dress racks and hands her his top picks (a la Kanye West).

So it seems Cassie is in the love stage that involves going on and on about her sig other. Sounds like the real thing to us.

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