‘The Bachelor’: Cassie Randolph and Sister Michelle Randolph Keep Deleting Their YouTube Videos

It seems like forever ago when Colton Underwood infamously jumped the fence on The Bachelor for contestant Cassie Randolph. And now that the show’s over, the two are more in love than ever before. Cassie and Colton have even started talking about a future engagement, and fans are loving that they didn’t jump the gun on marriage and instead are taking their relationship day by day.

Not everyone’s a huge fan of Colton and Cassie’s relationship, however. Some seem to think Cassie’s using her newfound fame to project her and her sister, Michelle Randolph, to stardom, as the two even have a YouTube channel to record their antics together. Oddly enough, however, the YouTube channel used to have a few videos, but they’ve all since been deleted.

Cassie Randolph is ultra-close with her sister, Michelle

If there’s one person in Cassie’s life that she trusts even more than Colton, it’s her sister, Michelle. We remember when Cassie brought Colton to meet her family on The Bachelor, and she explained just how much family meant to her on the show. And we can’t forget that before Cassie was on The Bachelor, she and Michelle starred in the reality TV show Young Once, which also showcased their solid sisterly relationship.

Judging from Cassie’s Instagram, it’s ultra-clear just how close the sisters have remained through adulthood. Most recently, Cassie and Michelle went to Coachella together, too — and Colton tagged along, as did Michelle’s actor boyfriend, Gregg Sulkin. The foursome look like they had a blast together, though many questioned who Cassie would rather spend time with — her sister or Colton. “I really wish you would be more committed to Colton in his desire to want to get married rather than party and make money from ads.. you make the show look bad,” one Instagram user commented on a photo of Cassie and Michelle.

Cassie and Michelle recently created new content for their YouTube channel

The Randolph sisters seemed ready to share all of their ventures with the world on YouTube. Their channel, simply titled “Cassie & Michelle,” appears to be all set up for their fan base, and they even have an “about” section that explains what they plan on using the channel for. “We are with each other pretty much 24/7, so why not film some of it? We are going to be doing something different every week! So if you have any suggestions, email us or comment!” the “about” section reads. Most recently, Cassie and Michelle also posted a video to their channel showing off their wild adventures at Coachella with their boyfriends.

Those who knew Cassie and Michelle from Young Once may remember when they had their old YouTube channel titled “Double Mumble,” too. There are no longer any videos on the “Double Mumble” channel, but there are a few relics of the paston Cassie’s Instagram that remind us all that the channel did once contain content.

All of the videos have since been deleted

On both the “Double Mumble” and “Cassie & Michelle” channel, all videos have been deleted — and fans are starting to wonder why. The Coachella video Cassie and Michelle recently posted contained a ton of inside looks into what their lavish music festival lifestyle was like, and fans also had a ton of comments on the video, too. Now that every video has been deleted, we’re starting to wonder if Cassie and Michelle are attempting to make their life a bit more private after recent fan backlash.

Fans had a lot of opinions about Cassie and Colton’s relationship after watching the Coachella video, so this level of criticism could have led Cassie to want to delete the footage. As one fan commented on the old video, “Michelle and Gregg are adorable and real. Cassie doesn’t love Colton. I wish they’d go ahead and end it. He’s wasting his time. Her body language and non verbal cues say it all.” And many others echoed the same sentiment.

Is the next step for Cassie and Michelle keeping their Instagrams private, too? Or will they make new videos for their channel and accept that some fans won’t be showing their support? We’ll have to wait and see.

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