‘The Bachelor’: Cassie Randolph Reveals Why She & Colton Underwood Are Still Together

Things between Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood haven’t always been easy. Even for a bachelor couple, the two have had a very atypical experience. During the 23rd season of The Bachelor, both Underwood and Randolph made moves that were completely unprecedented for the franchise. Though Randolph was a frontrunner through the entire season, she opted to break things off with Underwood and quit the show ahead of their overnight fantasy suite date.

The Bachelor stars Cassie Randolph & Colton Underwood
Cassie Randolph & Colton Underwood | Photo by Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images)

A quick recap

Underwood, however, wasn’t ready to believe that things were over between himself and Randolph. Rather than continue pursuing his relationships with Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin, he elected to fight for Randolph and quit being the bachelor. After breaking things off with his other girlfriends, he pleaded with Randolph to take him back. Of course, this was after the spectacularly ridiculous fence jump that the whole season was built around.

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph aren’t rushing into an engagement

Despite a rocky start, Underwood and Randolph entered into an exclusive relationship. But unlike bachelor couples of the past, the pair elected not to get engaged. Instead, they opted to do something more normal and reasonable and take their relationship day by day. Neither party felt compelled to rush into a commitment that they weren’t ready for. Instead, they chose to spend more time getting to know each other and seeing what their relationship looked like in the real world.

Though The Bachelor couple has their fair share of supporters, the scrutiny hasn’t been easy for them. This is especially true for Randolph, who admits that she sometimes feels overwhelmed by everything the show has brought into her life. With incessant breakup rumors and proposal pressure, Underwood and Randolph have their work cut out for them but ultimately, they are committed to one another and are finding joy and connection amidst all the chaos.

Randolph refects on The Bachelor

In fact, Randolph confessed that going through all of the post-bachelor craziness has actually drawn she and Underwood closer together. “Of course, it’s also been an amazing bonding experience and SO much fun for us too. It’s such a unique experience that going through all of this has definitely drawn us together. Sometimes something will happen and I can’t even find the words to explain how I feel to others but Colton and I can just look at each other and get it. Not only have we developed a deepening love for one another, but an amazing friendship bond has grown from this too,” Randolph shared in a deeply personal Instagram post.

Randolph gets personal on Instagram

The Bachelor alum then went on to share that she and Underwood were still in a relationship for no other reason than they want to be. “Bottom line, even though our relationship was born out of crazy and unnatural circumstances, our goal is to develop a healthy, NORMAL relationship as much as possible. We are together today because we BOTH WANT to be. What happens in the future between us is to be determined. We’ve found that when we put too much focus on the future, we miss out on the present and enjoying the moment. We both are learning so much in this and more than anything, we are both right where we want to be…happy…thankful…learning…growing!,” Randolph confessed.

With just one post, Randolph managed to respond to rumors that she’s just dating Underwood for the fame and offer a new perspective for Bachelor fans. Far too often, people in the franchise rush into a relationship only for it to crumble just a few months later. We commend this couple for taking their time and not conforming to anyone else’s needs or expectations. Hopefully, that will serve them well as they navigate their next chapter together.