‘The Bachelor’: Cassie Randolph Keeps Posting Photos of Music Festivals, and Fans Have Questions

Colton Underwood may forever be remembered as The Bachelor who jumped the fence for Cassie Randolph. We recall when Cassie was willing to leave the show during his season to resume her normal life without him in Huntington Beach, but he was head-over-heels in love and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Eventually, Cassie grew to love Colton back — and now the two are talking engagement plans for the future. It’s been a long and twisted road for Cassie and Colton, but judging from their latest public moments, they really are in love.

Cassie has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram, and her followers have noticed she’s been partying nonstop at music festivals lately. She’s certainly having fun — but her fans have a lot of questions about her true motives. Here’s what they’re saying.

Cassie was just at Coachella with her sister, Michelle


For a young 24-year-old who’s recently attained a ton of fame through winning The Bachelor‘s heart, the best way to celebrate is to party in the public eye. And that’s exactly how Cassie Randolph is kicking off her summer. Her fans have seen her photos on Instagram since the beginning of Coachella. Colton also went to the music festival with her, and she’s there with her model sister, Michelle, and Michelle’s boyfriend as well.

It sure looks like the four of them are having a blast, too. Cassie and Michelle posted a video of their adventures to their YouTube channel, and the footage showed the foursome drinking, dancing, and having a ton of fun. Unfortunately, a lot of Cassie and Colton’s fans were left scratching their heads in regards to what their relationship is really like. “This was low key really awkward. I loved them on the bachelor but seeing them in real time is way different. Cassie and her sister/friends seem kinda snobby and act as if they’re above everyone, Colton seems way more genuine,” one fan commented on the video.

Fans think she’d rather spend time with Michelle than with Colton after her posts

Anyone who follows Cassie knows how close she is with her sister, Michelle. Michelle’s a model and actress and close in age to Cassie, and before Colton was in the picture the duo even had a YouTube channel together. Now, they’ve decided to revive their channel and also post plenty of photos together on Instagram to show everyone their friendship — but it’s left many fans thinking Colton will always be secondary in Cassie’s life.

“Cassie, are you dating your sister or Colton? It’s hard to tell,” one fan commented on the video the Randolph sisters uploaded. “I feel like Colton is third wheeling Cassie and Michelle.. so awkward,” another added.

Even on Instagram fans have noticed that Cassie seems to want to spend more time with Michelle than Colton at the festival. “I really wish you would be more committed to Colton in his desire to want to get married rather than party and make money from ads.. you make the show look bad,” a follower commented on this photo of the sisters.

Fans also question how Cassie has the time to attend festivals if she’s in school

We learned that Cassie was going to school to become a speech pathologist while she was on The Bachelor, and her intelligence and genuine, kind nature were a few of the qualities Colton loved most about her. Now that she’s in the limelight making YouTube videos, posting ads on Instagram, and going to music festivals for days at a time, however, fans are wondering how she’s doing it all. As one commented, “How do you have time for all of these weekend events/concerts while in SLP grad school?”

In the video she created of her and Michelle at Coachella, Cassie did note she took some time out of her day to study and do homework, however. It seems her grad school plans are still in the works and she’s just taking a break for some fun. Either way, there’s no doubt she could become a full-time Instagram influencer if she wished.

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