‘The Bachelor’: Cassie Randolph Reveals How Many Kids She Wants to Have

Although The Bachelor couple Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph only just revealed their relationship status to the world, fans can’t get enough of this charismatic and photogenic couple. They are currently making the rounds to talk shows and late-night sketch comedy series, discussing every aspect of their dating life and future plans – with their recent appearance on LIVE With Kelly and Ryan making waves with their fans. 

How did they end up together?

Season 23 of The Bachelor produced one of the most shocking season finales in the show’s history and a couple that has defied the odds in many ways. Former NFL player Colton Underwood and speech pathologist Cassie Randolph decided to try and make things work with each other, with Underwood breaking things off with two of the other contestants that he had previously shown interest in. While the finale episode ended by leaving their future as a couple ambiguous, Underwood and Randolph revealed via social media following the finale, that they were very much together.

Although they are not yet engaged, Underwood and Randolph are spending a lot of time together, getting to know each other and building their life together in Los Angeles. Underwood especially seems determined to take their relationship to the next level, repeatedly referring to Randolph as his “future wife” on social media and in interviews. Marriage talk was taken to the next level after the couple made a joint appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where celebrity jewelry designer Neil Lane presented them with an incredible, flawless engagement ring, which they could use for the official engagement if they so chose. 

What did the couple reveal about future children?

On the morning of March 13th, Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph appeared on LIVE With Kelly and Ryan. During the interview segment, hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest presented the couple with a series of fan questions sent in by viewers. One of the very first questions, and the one that made the live studio audience gasp in delight was “how many children do you want to have?”

Cassie Randolph responded first and said that she wants to have three children. The same question was then asked of Colton Underwood, who sounded a bit uncertain as he copied his girlfriend’s answer of three. While in all likelihood the couple has discussed having children, as it is a natural thing for new couples to think about, they have only been dating a few months, and aren’t even engaged yet. Underwood, in spite of proclaiming his certainty about how Randolph is “the one,” could still be a bit nervous about committing to a certain number of children just yet. In addition, they are still young, with Underwood being 27 years old and Randolph only 23 years of age. They definitely have plenty of time to plan out their future family.

What else did the couple talk about?

While the other rapid-fire questions weren’t nearly so loaded, fans did learn a bit more about The Bachelor behind the scenes. One of the questions, aimed at Underwood, was about whether the couple receives less of a payout since they didn’t get engaged on the show. The answer was a resounding no, which surely pleased fans of true love and reality TV alike. There were also some silly questions, including whether Underwood prefers boxers or briefs. He didn’t hesitate on that question and quickly replied that he likes to forego underwear entirely.

Underwood and Randolph are the hottest reality couple of the moment, and will likely continue to make headlines for months to come. We will continue to follow their story and provide the very latest updates.