‘The Bachelor’: Cassie Randolph Reveals Her Skincare, Diet, and Workout Routine

Ever since Cassie Randolph won Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, fans have been enamored of her beauty secrets.

Cassie Randolph | Presley Ann/Getty Images for boohoo.com
Cassie Randolph | Presley Ann/Getty Images for boohoo.com

As many Bachelor stars go on to do, Randolph now makes a habit of linking her outfits in Instagram photos and sharing skin tips (mostly via advertisements) in her stories. But she’s never really been explicit about her entire beauty/health routine.

In a recent Instagram Q&A the reality star did on her stories, she shared some of her tips and tricks.

Cassie Randolph shares some of her favorite skincare products

“What skincare products do you use? How is your skin so clear!” asked one fan.

“Hate myself, because I’ve been meaning to do a skincare video for so long now like I’ve promised a million times. It’s hard because it’s always changing as I try new products,” she responded.

But Randolph shared “a few staples that don’t ever change: RetinA @ night, sunscreen everyday, vitamin C serum, AHA or BHA, moisturizer.”

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Another fan asked Randolph if she has “permanent makeup on your lips” because “they’re always so red.”

“I’ve always had really red lips,” she responded, including a baby photo of herself with a strikingly red pout. “But I know a couple people who have done the permanent lip liner & love it!”

Cassie Randolph’s diet and exercise routine

Randolph speaks a lot about how it’s important to her to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She admitted in her recent Q&A that her diet’s been inconsistent lately since she’s been traveling so much, but that she tries to eat “as clean as possible.”

“Do you stick to a certain diet/workout routine?” asked another fan.

“gonna be honest, with everything going on and all the traveling this past year, I’ve been super inconsistent with diet/exercise. I try to eat as clean as possible and listen to my body,” Randolph responded. “I actually have a lot of stomach issues (very sensitive). So I have always had to eat a lot of smaller meals/snack throughout the day instead of a lot at once.”

As for working out, Randolph tries “to be as active as possible.”

“A workout is worth it even if you only have 15 minutes! My fave is hot yoga, barre, and I love long walks!” she shared. “I find that I always am in a better mood on the days I make time to exercise.”

Cassie Randolph is learning how to balance her life

Between school, friends, Underwood, her family, and work obligations, Randolph strives to create a healthy balance in her life.

“Has it been tough balancing school and life in general?” asked another Instagram user.

“Yes! I feel like this past year has thrown a bunch of things my way that I’ve really had to work at learning to balance. Schoolwork definitely makes it challenging. I pretty much bring it with me everywhere I go and use most of my free time to work on it!” she responded.

But Randolph has learned it’s all about sticking to a schedule.

“I’d say that the key thing in relieving my stress is making a schedule for myself and sticking to it so that I allow time for all areas of my life,” she wrote.

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