‘The Bachelor’: Why Thousands of Fans Are Demanding for Chris Harrison to Be Fired

Chris Harrison has been a huge component of The Bachelor since its inception. Harrison has served as the show’s dedicated host for the past 25 seasons and the past 19 years. Furthermore, Harrison has hosted every additional spinoff in the franchise and currently serves as one of the show’s executive producers. Because of Harrison’s longevity in the franchise, he has become famous in his own right. But, now, thousands of fans are demanding that he be removed from the franchise completley.

Chris Harrison on set of The Bachelor
Chris Harrison | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

On February 9, 2021, Harrison had a conversation with Bachelor alum, Rachel Lindsay via Extra. Fans of the franchise will recall that Lindsay was the attorney who competed on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor before leading her own season of The Bachelorette. Today, she has a career in media and she recently had a conversation with Harrison about Matt James’s season of the show.

Chris Harrison encourages ‘The Bachelor’ fans to have ‘compassion’ for Rachael Kirkconnell

One subject that came up during Lindsay and Harrison’s talk centered around Rachael Kirkconnell and her past racist behavior. For weeks, Kirkconnell has been under fire for some of her past actions including attending an “Old South” antebellum part that occurred on a plantation back in 2018. Throughout the conversation, Harrison defended Kirconnell’s behavior and encouraged people to practice “compassion” for the “poor girl.”

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Of course, contestants having problematic backgrounds is hardly anything new for The Bachelor franchise. But Kirkconnell’s past actions are particularly troubling because she had yet to condemn them while openly dating James, the franchise’s first Black male lead. As Harrison let it slip that Kirkconnell didn’t attend the Women Tell All, fans are assuming she is in James’s top three and possibly his final rose .

Fans express outrage over Harrison’s conversation with Rachel Lindsay

Many fans were disgusted by the way Harrison handled his conversation with Lindsay and began to hold him accountable on his social media profiles. Though Harrison made the decision to turn off commenting on his most recent Instagram post, that has not stopped the outrage. In fact, there is currently a petition circulating that calls for the host to be fired from his place in The Bachelor franchise.

“Chris Harrison has a history of misogyny and racist behavior and racist-sympathizing behavior,” the petition reads before launching into detail about Harrison’s conversation with Lindsay. The petition, which at the time of this article has been signed by over 9,600 fans of The Bachelor, also expresses that if Harrison isn’t removed, signers will opt not to watch the show any longer.

A petition is circulating to get the host fired from ‘The Bachelor’

“We must demand accountability from those in power,” the petition continues. “We start by getting this racist, misogynistic host off of our television screens. All this casting for diversity is completely meaningless unless you are willing to take out the consistently problematic person on this show, the face of the show, who will never take accountability for his actions. Remove Chris Harrison, or we boycott the Bachelor for good.”

As The Bachelor franchise has a history of problematic behavior as it pertains to diversity and discussions about race, we doubt that Harrison will be removed from the show. However, if the franchise continues to ignore these pervasive issues, we imagine that ratings and viewership will continue to plummet.