‘The Bachelor’ Fans Dig Up Chris Harrison’s Reasoning For Never Having a Black Bachelor — It’s ‘Tone-Deaf’

Chris Harrison has hosted over 40 seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette in the franchise’s 18 years on TV and countless spinoffs. In that time, the reality show has had one black female lead, and zero black Bachelor leads.

While this fact has been the topic of controversy before, fans once again want to know why. They found an interview with Chris Harrison, and are appalled at his “tone-deaf” answers he gave.

Chris Harrison on 'The Bachelor'
‘The Bachelor’ host Chris Harrison | Kelsey McNeal via Getty Images

‘The Bachelor’ host Chris Harrison received criticism for his Blackout Tuesday post

Chris Harrison was the recipient of negative comments in the wake of the death of George Floyd, and the Black Lives Matter Movement. June 2, 2020, many celebrities in the music and entertainment industry participated in Blackout Tuesday. The social media protest invited celebrities to pause from business as usual. 

Harrison posted a black square with the caption, “#blackouttuesday #ripgeorgefloyd.” His Instagram story featured the same stark black background. However, he didn’t share how to link back to the movement or why he was sharing the black square.

“This is all you have to say?” asked one fan in the comments. “It’s a shame it took this long to hear from you. However, you need to say more. This just makes you look like you want to save face.”

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Some fans pointed out how much they want to see a black bachelor. Others want to know where to find more information on how the host and the show are supporting the movement. 

“You wrote more about your steak in the last post than about what has been happening in the last week,” another fan added.

‘The Bachelor’: When will there be a black lead on the show?

Fans are taking another look at the diversity within their favorite show. They want to know why there was not one black Bachelor chosen in 24 seasons of the series. Bachelor Nation found one interview with Harrison explaining his stance on the matter. The host said that he wants to see more diversity on the show; however, he doesn’t want to lose viewers.

“But at the same time, we’re also — we have a job to do,” Harrison told NPR in 2015. “Because we have hundreds and thousands of people trying to work. So what justice are we doing to anybody by taking a great social stand, and then five months later, going, ‘OK, that was great, nobody watched the show.'”

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He explained that the lead contestant on the show is chosen based on what people are going to watch. 

“Advertisers have to buy this show,” Harrison continued. “Advertisers have to buy the next season of the show. I need millions of people to want to watch this show. So I need to put on people that others want to watch.”

‘The Bachelor’ fans are not happy with Chris Harrison’s explanation

“Doesn’t that just sound so tone-deaf and veiled racist?” one Reddit user asked.

Other fans summarized the interview stating that Harrison and the producers only want to make money.

“I think to be a truly ethical and woke company, you need to sometimes make decisions that might affect your bottom line, but are simply the right thing to do,” another fan added.

Many fans are hoping that the nation’s current state and the Black Lives Matter movement will help the franchise move in a direction that shows more diversity.