‘The Bachelor’: Colton and Cassie Make Their Red Carpet Debut (But Not Without a Little Drama)

If you watched this past season of The Bachelor, you know Colton and Cassie didn’t have the smoothest of beginnings. She broke up with him during their fantasy suite date and left the show after her dad flew to Portugal to talk to her about her feelings towards Colton. Colton got so upset that he jumped an eight-foot fence to escape the show’s crew; he, too, wanted to quit the show. But he came back and, in an effort to show how serious he was about Cassie, broke up with the remaining two Bachelor contestants, Hannah G. and Tayshia. From there, he put all of his energy into getting Cassie back.

Cassie and Colton | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic
Cassie and Colton | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

It worked. Today, the couple is unbearably happy. And they both say they wouldn’t change their history for the world.

“We wouldn’t change anything about how it all played out because it showed me how much I loved and care for her,” Colton said in a recent interview with Young Hollywood.    

“I wouldn’t change anything. Everything that happened got us to where we are now,” Cassie’s told People Magazine.

Cassie and Colton go to Vegas

It’s safe to say that our Bachelor duo is enjoying their time as a “normal couple.”

“We’re trying to make the most of these moments and simplify them and have fun and just enjoy being present and enjoy some good music,” Colton told Access this weekend.

Over the weekend, Colton and Cassie attended the American Country Music Awards and made their red carpet debut. Colton went with an all-black look (that included an interesting pocket chain accessory), and Cassie dazzled in a black and silver dress with silver pointed heels.   

Their Instagram stories showed the couple enjoying the rest of their weekend singing karaoke and dancing their nights away.

The social media drama

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Tomorrow…tonight…the rest of our lives❤️

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Unfortunately for Colton, part of being in a normal couple can include getting mad at each other for posting the wrong thing to social media.

Prior to their arrival, Colton tweeted that he thought Cassie looked particularly beautiful in her black and silver getup. Apparently, Cassie got mad at him over the tweet and he ended up deleting it.

“I was so mad at him for tweeting that. I was like, ‘Pressure, now, pressure!'” Cassie told People. Colton said he’d “learned from the mistake. I guess I’m not going to hype her dress up for the next red carpet. But I mean, look at it—she’s beautiful.”

Later on, Colton posted a photo of his girlfriend on the red carpet with the caption: “I’ll be your professional hype man for the rest of our lives. You’re beautiful.”

He posted another one and captioned it: “God bless you.”

Cassie must have ok’d those because they’re still up.

The couple was asked frequently about their relationship and for any updates on a proposal while they were on the carpet.

“Honestly, if I was a betting man I would say it would happen within the next year, yes,” he said at one point.

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