‘The Bachelor’: Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph Do This One Thing to Make Their Relationship Work

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph don’t have the most romantic love story. In fact, their tale of romance probably wouldn’t even be in anyone’s top five. But, to their credit, one thing that they do well is persevere.

Even when they get tons of hate from fans who don’t believe in their relationship or who have speculated that they’ve broken up, the pair still seems to smile through it all.

Underwood and Randolph’s relationship

Underwood and Randolph met when Underwood was the Bachelor. He had just come off a season of Bachelor in Paradise where he was unable to make a genuine connection. Because of that, Underwood was wary that he would ever find a real partner.

Randolph was one of Underwood’s frontrunner’s throughout the entire season. Even when the other women warned him that she and Caelynn Miller-Keyes were just on the show to be the Bachelorette, he still grew closer to her.

Eventually, he broke the rules and told Randolph that he wanted to be with her when there were still two other women left in the competition.

Instead of being thrilled that she had won and was potentially going to be getting engaged to Underwood, Randolph decided that she wasn’t as into the Bachelor as he was to her and tried to go home.

After hearing that his feelings weren’t reciprocated, Underwood through a fit, jumped over a wall, and tried to quit the show.

Eventually, he was able to convince Randolph not to leave and to continue dating him.

Fan reactions to the relationship

Because Randolph tried to send herself home, fans weren’t so sure that the beauty was actually into Underwood.

“Fast forward to tomorrow: Colton gets Cassie back,” one fan tweeted ahead of the Bachelor finale. “Fast forward to 6 months from now: “breaking news: the Bachelor’s Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph have called it quits.”

And when the season ended without a proposal, Bachelor Nation was even more unsure whether the relationship would last.

“When r u gonna propose,” one person commented on a recent picture of the pair.

“Why don’t she marry you,” another person wrote. “This is OLD!!!”

But despite all of the people doubting them, Underwood and Randolph seem to be going strong.

What do Randolph and Underwood do to make their relationship work?

Bachelor relationships don’t have the highest success rate. To combat the weirdness of meeting on a reality dating show, Underwood and Randolph simply pretend they ran into each other some other way.

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“We try to be funny with each other and pretend we didn’t meet each other on the show,” Underwood told HollywoodLife. “And give each other our best pickup lines or flirt with each other again. That’s always fun.”

“We’re slowly building more and more trust with each other, building more trust with each other’s families and friends, and really trying to see how we can incorporate each other into our lives better. It’s been great so far.”

And though they didn’t have the smoothest path to love, Underwood is happy with how everything turned out.

“I always say there’s three different phases,” he told the outlet. “There’s the filming phase, there’s the airing — when playing back — and then there’s the post show. But, looking back and how everything played out, I think everything happens for a reason. We’re glad that ours happened how it did.”