‘The Bachelor’: Colton Underwood Just Proved Everything’s Fine Between Him and Cassie Randolph

While Hannah Brown’s time is also ending as The Bachelorette, many Bachelor nation fans are still obsessed with Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph. Underwood infamously jumped a fence to convince Randolph to stay on the show and be his one and only. And while Randolph was unsure at first, she took a leap of faith with Underwood. Today, they claim they’re going strong and discussing marriage as a future goal.

It seems Underwood and Randolph gave fans a scare around July 4, however — and many seemed to think the two were broken up. Underwood just reassured everyone he and Randolph are fine with one Instagram post, however.

Many Bachelor fans think Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph won’t last

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph have talked about their deep love for each other and grand future plans — but some fans are still on the fence regarding what their relationship is really like. While many agree that Underwood seems head-over-heels for Randolph, many think Randolph isn’t nearly as into Underwood. And it seems it’s her body language and Instagram posts that are convincing fans she’s just not that into him.

“I’m sorry to say this but body language speaks volumes and sometimes I feel like Cassie is not in this for the right reason (based on other pics) Coltun be careful with your heart. She just may be about the fame [sic],” a follower commented on this photo of the couple. And others think Randolph posts way more photos of her with her famous sister than with Underwood, proving she may just be in it for the limelight.

Even Reddit users aren’t convinced of their love. “I think she likes him a lot, and loves the idea of being in love with him. However, I remain unconvinced that she’s in love with him,” one Reddit user wrote.

Rumors swirled that the two broke up after July 4

Underwood and Randolph are frequently vacationing together and are in each other’s Instagram posts more often than not, and fans noticed something seemed amiss right after July 4. Randolph posted a photo of her with Underwood to celebrate the holiday, but the posts after that had him missing completely. Fans noticed and started to question his absence, too. “Where is Colton????” one fan asked on this Instagram photo — and many others asked the same question.

Underwood also was missing Randolph from the photos on his Instagram, too — though it looked like he was busy doing his own events while Randolph was busily studying and hanging out with family. According to Underwood’s Instagram, he attended the ESPYs and was in Vegas for some celebrating. Even so, this may have given fans some pause, as this many photos without Randolph in them could’ve alluded to trouble.

Underwood’s recent Instagram post proves their relationship is fine

So, are Underwood and Randolph really having trouble in paradise? It seems Underwood completely dispelled the rumors with one Instagram post of him and Randolph making funny faces. And fans are expressing how relieved they are to know that the couple’s totally fine.

As one fan commented, “now everyone can stop freaking out.” Another added, “Thank God, I thought you guys broke up. Dont scare me like that man [sic].” Yet another commented, “My favorite couple by FAR! So happy ya’ll are back together again.”

Hopefully, fans won’t be so quick to think Randolph and Underwood gave up on their relationship if they go through another period of not posting about each other. And considering Underwood said we can expect an engagement sooner rather than later, we’re all excited for the day that finally comes, too.

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