‘The Bachelor’: Colton Underwood Has a Surprise For Cassie Randolph For Their One Year Anniversary

According to Colton Underwood, his one year anniversary with Cassie Randolph is just around the corner. The two got together on Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, but not without a little drama first.

Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Mohegan Sun
Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Mohegan Sun

Just before the two entered the evening portion of their Fantasy Suite date, Randolph told Underwood that she’d made the decision to go home after her father flew to Portugal to talk her out of proceeding–he felt his daughter’s heart wasn’t really in it and, ultimately, she agreed with him.

Underwood was so upset that he jumped an eight-foot fence to get away from production. He only returned to break up with the remaining two contestants, Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin, and devote the rest of his time to winning Randolph over. It worked. Thanks to Underwood’s efforts, the two will be celebrating their one year anniversary on November 14.

Colton Underwood recently answered questions about his relationship with Cassie Randolph on Instagram

Underwood did a Q&A on his Instagram recently. Fans, of course, asked the former football player about Randolph and their relationship.

“What has Cassie taught you about yourself?” asked one fan.

“So much. Overall she makes me better,” he replied. “She challenges me in many ways, but she’s also my human form of anti anxiety medicine. She has taught me patience and reminds me to choose kindness daily. Even in moments I might not want too.”

Another fan asked Underwood if he and Randolph are “doing anything special for [their] one year?”

“I have a surprise for her after the CMAs – our official anniversary is November 14th,” he responded.

We know both Underwood and Randolph are big-time country music fans (they both just starred in the country music video for “Famous”), so it sounds like Underwood’s surprise is going to be incredibly thoughtful.

Colton Underwood’s anniversary surprise is probably not a proposal so settle down

But it’s probably a safe bet that Underwood’s surprise doesn’t involve an engagement ring. Underwood and Randolph have said in several interviews that they plan on taking their time with their relationship.

Randolph recently posted a lengthy Instagram essay about the pressure she feels to get engaged to Underwood/what it’s like to be in an overtly public relationship.

“Obviously, the nature of The Bachelor is to end in an engagement, but when you translate that to real life and not tv land, it’s pretty crazy! Many people I know have been dating much longer than I’ve been dating colton, but people rarely ask them when they are getting married. I totally get it, and understand it’s because we were on The Bachelor (so, of course), but regardless, it’s still an unnatural aspect of our relationship,” she wrote.

Randolph has since insisted that she and Underwood are ‘on the same page‘ about getting engaged.

“Me and him are 100 percent on the same page,” she told Us Weekly. “So, when you hear things out there, when people are saying, ‘They’re not on the same page.’ I’m like, ‘You’re not in this relationship!’ We actually are. We’re really good. We’re in a good spot.”

In the meantime, they’re just enjoying being a “normal” couple.

“We’re like, we just need to be normal for a bit and enjoy,” she said. “These past few weeks, we’d have nights where we just come back and hang out with my cats and just watch TV and cook dinner. I was like, ‘These are my favorite nights. We need to have more of these.’ It’s what we’re getting back into right now.”

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