‘The Bachelor’: Colton Underwood’s Sex Life is Giving Him Social Anxiety. Here’s Why.

Colton Underwood hasn’t had the easiest Bachelor journey. First, he competed for Becca Kufrin’s heart and announced to the whole world that he was a virgin, only to be sent home just when he was falling in love.

Then, he went on Bachelor in Paradise, where he tried to reconnect with former flame Tia Booth but just couldn’t make himself fall in love with her.

Finally, he became the Bachelor and got to call the shots and decide who he wanted to be with. Unfortunately for Underwood, the person that he chose, Cassie Randolph, wasn’t so sure she wanted to be with him and he had to basically chase her down to get her to agree to be with him.

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But all of his bad luck seems to be turning around. He’s now with the supposed love of his life, he’s famous, he’s making money from appearances, and is a bonafide celebrity.

But maybe his golden life in the spotlight isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Underwood’s virginity

The former football player first announced that he was a virgin on Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette. After that, it became a major topic of discussion. People wondered why such a handsome professional athlete would be waiting to do the deed.

When Underwood became the Bachelor, the interest around his virginity just grew. For most of the season, all of the jokes centered around his purity and whether or not he would lose his virginity during filming.

Before his fantasy suite date with Randolph, Underwood expected to drop his virgin title.

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“I couldn’t be more excited to spend tonight with Cassie and I am excited to see where our relationship can go,” Underwood said on the show before the date. “I’ve always said that I’m waiting for the right heart, I’m waiting to be in love with somebody and I’m waiting for the right person. And I’m very hopeful that that person is Cassie.”

Since ending up with Randolph, Underwood has decided not to be so open about his sex life anymore.

“I know I’ve been very open and candid about my virginity,” Underwood said at the finale. “But since there are two of us now in this relationship, it’s something that we’re going to keep to ourselves.”

Why is Underwood’s sex life giving him social anxiety?

Most people are able to keep their sex lives private. But, for the people who go on The Bachelor, it’s an entirely different story. Especially for the few who start out their journeys as virgins.

Since making his sex life a point of conversation, Underwood has started developing social anxiety around the topic.

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“I don’t even want to complain about anything because it’s all amazing opportunities and fun but you just go from being a normal person to everybody knowing everything about you,” he recently said on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off the Vine podcast. “The conversations in the grocery store are so lopsided and kind of gave me social anxiety right off the show because everyone knows everything about my sex life and about me.”

He went on to say that what people think that they know about him and his relationship with Randolph isn’t actually all true.

“You see us on the show but you have to realize what you see on the show is maybe five percent of us,” he said.

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