‘The Bachelor’: What We Think Colton’s Next Move is After ‘Women Tell All’

Colton Underwood | Eric McCandless via Getty Images
Colton Underwood | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

The Bachelor’s “Women Tell All’ episode was drama-filled, to say the least. But more than the audience wanted to hear from the women, they wanted to hear from Colton. Did he seem happy? Who did he end up with, if anyone at all? Live audience members, as well as those watching at home, were also pretty excited to watch the finale’s previews.

Based on Colton’s behavior and the previews, we were given some clues to put together some theories about what Colton’s next move is after jumping the fence.

Colton seemed happy

The last time we saw Colton on The Bachelor he was having a bit of a breakdown and jumped over an eight-foot fence. Even though we know plenty of time had passed for the bachelor to cool down, it was still nice to see him smiling and fresh-faced again at “Women Tell All.” Did he have that I’m-with-the-love-of-my-life glow about him, though? Maybe, maybe not. He definitely didn’t seem as heartbroken as the night Cassie decided to go home.

Colton doesn’t interact with Hannah G. or Tayshia in the previews

In the finale teaser The Bachelor showed at the end of “Women Tell All,” there wasn’t any footage shown of Colton interacting with Tayshia or Hannah G. We see both girls professing their love for Colton to the camera, but there’s no snippet of the bachelor actually speaking to either of them. That could mean the next time he sees them is to simply say goodbye, he doesn’t see either of them again, or he goes on a fantasy suite date with Hannah G. and the show just didn’t show any footage of it (but we think that one’s pretty unlikely).

Colton’s conversation with Chris Harrison

We also learn that the bachelor crew does in fact track Colton down after he jumps over the fence because we see Colton and Harrison having a heart-to-heart about the bachelor’s next move.

“Where do we go from here?” Asks Harrison.

“All there is is the truth.”

Prior to jumping the wall, Colton had poured his heart out to Cassie. He told her that he was in love with her and he only wanted to be with her. He told the cameras that she’s the one. If that’s the truth he’s talking about, he’s either not giving up on Cassie or he’ll propose to no one.

Harrison also left us with a juicy “It’s certainly an ending you won’t see coming.” Proposing to Tayshia or Hannah G. would be the most “normal” thing for Colton to do after Cassie leaves, so we can almost rule those options out just because we could possibly see those coming.

In less than a week all of our burning bachelor questions will be answered. But isn’t it fun to guess?

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