‘The Bachelor’: Colton’s Options After Cassie Left

Colton, point-blank, said on last night’s episode of The Bachelor that Cassie is “the one.” He’s in love with her and he told her that even if she leaves (she did) he will continue fighting for her. He told her that after their date in Thailand he hadn’t stopped thinking about her, that even when he was on dates with other girls his mind would always find it’s way back to Cassie.  

Cassie was uncomfortable with how quickly everything was moving. She didn’t know if she could “get there” in two weeks (when she was supposed to accept a proposal from someone she met about two months ago). She’s 23 and she wasn’t absolutely certain about spending the rest of her life with Colton. It was starting to sound like Cassie was the only sane person the show had ever encountered. Colton even agreed with her, to a degree. He told her that he knew everything was moving at an alarming rate, that she hadn’t even met his family yet. But when he addressed her concerns about timing, when he told her to ignore the show’s deadline, that he didn’t need to be engaged at the end of this, she still didn’t feel right staying. So she left.

Where does Colton go from here?

He told Cassie things bachelors typically reserve for the finale. If Cassie’s “the one” how is he supposed to carry on with the rest of the show like the love of his life didn’t just walk out? There are a few different ways the final two episodes can go.

Colton ends up with Tayshia

Based on how their fantasy suite date went this theory is pretty unlikely. They had a nice time together but the conversation felt stilted. Based on Tayshia’s on-camera interview after the two spent the evening together, it was pretty obvious that the night didn’t go as she expected. She said she felt as if the two needed more time and she was wondering if she said and did enough. But if we’ve learned anything this season it’s that you can’t force chemistry.   

Colton ends up with Hannah G.

Poor Hannah G. didn’t even get a fantasy suite date featured on last night’s episode, and the jury’s still out on if she’ll even get one. There’s a chance Colton doesn’t have it in him to go on another fantasy suite after what happened with Cassie.

Side note: If Colton does end up with Hannah G., imagine being her and watching last night’s Cassie drama. Yikes.  

But Colton could very well go on a fantasy suite date with Hannah G. and have the time of his life. We know the two have incredible chemistry together, and he’s told her from the beginning that she feels like home to him. Maybe by the end of the next episode, Colton will be saying “Cassie who?” Sometimes the wrong person needs to turn you down so you can turn your attention to someone who’s right for you.

Colton doesn’t end up with anyone

There’s also a world where Colton says “If I can’t be with Cassie then I don’t want to be with anyone.” Bachelor fans have been suspicious for a while now about whether Colton gets engaged at all.

Cassie comes back and they take things slow

Then there’s the Cassie-fan favorite option. Cassie realizes she’s made a huge mistake and finally lets everything Colton was trying to tell her about ignoring the show’s deadline sink in and comes back on the show. Perhaps she just needed a little time to herself to consider everything her dad said, everything Colton said, and what she actually wants. Maybe what she wants is Colton after all.

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