‘The Bachelor’: Peter Weber Isn’t Done Calling out His Contestants on Their ‘BS’

Bachelor Nation can’t agree on much these days. But, one thing they can agree on is that The Bachelor 2020 has some of the most difficult contestants to date. Even though Peter Weber is down to his final four, it’s hard to find even one person to really root for. As the season has been so riddled with drama, viewers haven’t been able to really see a love story progress. Furthermore, where a normal season of the show has one clear villain, this season seems to have multiple and is packed to the brim with petty arguments and backstabbing.

The Bachelor Peter Weber talks contestants
Peter Weber | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

The Bachelor Season 24 is difficult to watch

Fans of The Bachelor aren’t the only ones who have noticed the incessant drama of this season. Former leads and cast members alike (such as Becca Kufrin and Demi Burnett) have also expressed that Weber has had to contend with a tough group of contestants this season. The season hasn’t been easy for anyone to watch, including Weber himself. In fact, the 28-year-old pilot has been very candid about the fact that it’s been harder to watch his season back than it was to actually live it.

Peter Weber gets candid about his contestants

While Weber was privy to some of the drama that was happening while he was filming The Bachelor, he didn’t know the extent of it until he was able to watch his season back. Weber has been pretty candid about expressing his disdain for some of his contestants’ behavior, and he doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Recently, Weber was a guest on Nick Viall’s podcast, Viall Files, and he shared the displeasure that he had about the drama that went down between Kelsey Weier and Tammy Ly.

A quick recap of the Costa Rica episode

To recap, when Weier got emotional about another contestant getting a one-on-one with Weber, she spent the day crying and drinking a little too much alcohol. Ly was upset by Weier’s constant crying and expressed to Weber that Weier was having an emotional breakdown. From there, rumors spiraled that Weier had a drinking problem and that she might be taking drugs, While the rumor of Weier allegedly popping pills was traced back to Victoria Paul, Ly was at the forefront of the drama and had yet another confrontation with Weier.

The drama between Tammy Ly and Kelsey Weier

The situation between his contestants obviously did not sit well with Weber, and the bachelor made it a point to call out Ly on the podcast. “You know what conversation really didn’t sit well with me was the stuff between Tammy and Kelsey. Seeing that interaction go back and forth when I canceled that cocktail party in Costa Rica — that was BS. I don’t stand for that at all,” Weber began, sharing his thoughts on the interaction between Weier and Ly.

Will Weber confront his cast at The Bachelor: Women Tell All

Weber went on to share that he did experience some of Ly’s positive attributes, but he really took issue with the way she treated Weier. “Tammy calling out Kelsey that way and accusing her of that kind of stuff, I don’t stand for. I remember my interactions with Tammy. I enjoyed them and I definitely admired her. I still do, she’s a super hardworking person, has a lot of amazing qualities, but seeing her, the way she kinda attacked Kelsey, attacked Sydney [Hightower], that stuff I didn’t like,” Weber admitted about watching The Bachelor back. For her part, Ly has since apologized for her accusations, but it still seems as if she’ll have a lot to answer for on The Bachelor: Women Tell All. Only time will tell if Weber chooses to confront her and others on their behavior there also.