‘The Bachelor’: Demi Says Colton is Still Scared of Her

Demi Burnett started out as the villain on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. But despite her elevated confidence and unapologetic strategy for capitalizing her one-on-one time with the former Bachelor, it became very clear partway through the season that Demi’s not a villain, just a contestant who believes in herself and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. As contestants often do, she left the mansion with life-long friendships.

Colton and Demi | Rick Rowell/ABC via Getty Images
Colton and Demi | Rick Rowell/ABC via Getty Images

During her time on The Bachelor, Demi became close with current Bachelorette, Hannah Brown. Demi’s even going to be making an appearance on Hannah B.’s season that premieres next week.

“I cried, like tears of joy, I was so happy for her. Even in my interviews with [Robert Mills], I said I either want it to be me or Hannah Brown. My girl Hannah Brown deserves this. She talks about marriage all the time. She’s ready to be married and I think she honestly will do a better job than I would have done,” Demi said in an interview with Extra TV. Demi, along with Tayshia, Caelynn, and Hannah Godwin, was also considered for the role of ‘Bachelorette.’

Demi’s relationship with Colton, then and now

Demi began to fall in love with Colton when she was on The Bachelor. But though the two shared some surprisingly intimate moments with each other, he let her go when she snuck off to his room to profess her love.

Demi definitely stunned Colton with her larger-than-life personality. We watched her steal him away while wearing a robe, spank him with a paddle, and tell him he missed out on a “good time” in the fantasy suite with her.

Today, she says she thinks she still makes Colton nervous.

“Colton and I are homies,” Demi recently told ET. “It’s so fun whenever he sees me. I think he’s still scared of me, but we have a good time whenever we get to see each other.”  

She also commented about Colton’s current relationship with former contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes. It recently came out that Cassie convinced Colton to be friends with Caelynn since she and her fellow former contestant grew so close during their time on the show.

“That is insane!” Demi told ET’s Lauren Zima. “For their situation, it’s difficult, because they are such close friends that they realize that they had to come to some kind of agreement where they could all be friends and hang out. I know Caelynn wants Cassie to be happy and vice versa, and it’s kind of weird and crazy. I think it is true and genuine, and she’s happy for her girl and they have to get along.”

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