‘The Bachelor’: Did Cassie Randolph Return Colton Underwood’s Engagement Ring Because It Was Ugly?

Well… at least he tried!

This 23rd season of the The Bachelor was unique for so many reasons. A virgin bachelor, a missing final rose ceremony, fence jumping in the name of love… it all made the classic series seem especially fresh and exciting.

But one thing the cameras didn’t show was that awkward moment when Colton Underwood’s final pick, Cassie Randolph, had to admit to the ring her lover chose wasn’t exactly perfect. Underwood is good at a lot of things – but apparently, he needs to leave fashion decisions to the professionals.

Ahead, find out what she said and how her boyfriend reacted.

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph
Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph | Randy Holmes via Getty Images

How did Colton Underwood choose a ring?

After the roller-coaster ride of emotions during The Bachelor, fans were understandably disappointed when the season ended without a big proposal. Since Colton Underwood didn’t pop the question to Cassie Randolph, he did not get the free Neil Lane engagement ring that he otherwise would have.

But then there was a twist. On an appearance of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host called in a favor and got Underwood a giant sparkly ring to use whenever he decided to pop the question. It was a super sweet gesture and very generous on Jimmy Kimmel and Neil Lane’s part. Just one problem: Cassie thought the design was hideous.

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Why did Cassie hate the ring?

An engagement ring is kind of a big deal – it’s a piece of jewelry you’ll wear every day forever, so liking the style is very important. A teaser for the show LadyGang described Colton’s pick as a double halo square cut ring, which one host compared to a “Super Bowl ring” look.

Uh… ok. No wonder Cassie was a little hesitant.

Colton Underwood defended his choice by saying he didn’t choose it himself anyway. But no matter who is behind the ring selection, one thing is not up for debate: Cassie doesn’t like it, and the couple will be exchanging the ring before they officially get engaged.

Are Cassie and Colton getting engaged soon?

Even though Cassie has the ring, it doesn’t mean the couple is engaged just yet. But when they do make plans to wed they’ll probably be picking out a very different style option together.

The hosts of LadyGang called Cassie live on the show to find out her personal feelings about the ring. “I just have a particular idea in my mind,” Cassie said when asked.

Most of the ladies agreed that a double halo cut is cliché (the term they used was “basic bitch ring”) but one host admitted that’s the type of ring she wore herself. Everyone has different taste, right?

Obviously, Cassie’s feelings about the ring have no bearing on how she feels about her main man Colton. Recently, Cassie moved closer to him and Bachelor fans are expecting a wedding announcement any day now. A free ring would have been nice… but the perfect ring will be even better.

Hopefully, Colton will start to learn more about Cassie’s taste in jewelry before their anniversary rolls around. Good luck, Colton!