‘The Bachelor’: Do the Contestants Do Their Own Hair and Makeup for the Show?

Chris Harrison and Nicole Lovar
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The contestants try to look their best throughout The Bachelor in order to impress. We often see full makeup and long hair extensions for the dates. Are the contestants getting help or doing it on their own? Here is everything you need to know.

The Bachelor contestants often do their own makeup

The ladies have to bring their own wardrobe to the show, which could cost a lot of money. They also end up doing their makeup.

Ashley Iaconetti, who was on Season 19 of The Bachelor, revealed her makeup routine in the house. “The lighting in the mansion was really bad for makeup,” she told Allure “so I did mine on the balcony every day. It was my moment to get away and be alone.”

It apparently wasn’t easy to find a spot to do your makeup. “There were maybe four mirrors in the house of 23 girls because mirrors make it hard for the camera guys,” continued Iaconetti. “[For Paradise], I got an amazing makeup kit that has really good lighting.”

There are two stylists that will do touch-ups for contestants the first night

Catherine Giudici, who was the winner of Sean Lowe’s season of The Bachelor talked about the times she had help with hair and makeup.

“Only on the first day and then the last day when there are two girls left for the engagement,” she told Allure. “For everything in between, we used our own stuff. Sometimes we did each other’s hair.”

Entertainment Weekly had a reporter on the set of The Bachelor for Season 23’s premiere. One of the things that was noticed is how the contestants are made to look fresh all night.

There reportedly is a small station across from the kitchen where two stylists are on deck to do touch-ups on the women’s hair and makeup. It’s a very long night, but the show makes it seem like a fast one. Everyone kept looking fresh helps give that illusion.

There are also stylists for special episodes like the Women Tell All and After the Final Rose

Premiere night isn’t the only night that the cast gets the Hollywood treatment. They also get help for the reunion episodes.

“For WTA, we hire a couple of makeup artists and hairstylists for touch-ups, but for the most part, the girls come camera-ready,” The Bachelor’s makeup artist, Gina Modica told Refinery 29.

What do the women usually need help with? “In my opinion, the women always bronze themselves too much before the show,” Modica revealed “so I’ll ask someone on my team to tone it down. Not that it always works.”

She also revealed that the breaks that would be used for commercials is used for the cast to freshen up. “There‚Äôs usually about two to three minutes in between each commercial, which gives the [makeup team] a lot of time to do what we need to do,” said the makeup artist. “I’m always there for Chris and the bachelor or bachelorette, but there’s not a lot of moving during the live shows, so I only do a few touch-ups throughout on an as-needed basis. If someone is crying, obviously we can’t go in during the show, but we will just fix them up at the commercial break.”

In the end, the contestants are on their own except for the first night, final rose, Women Tell All, and After the Final Rose. They either figure out their makeup and hair by themselves or they help each other.

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