‘The Bachelor’: Does Cassie Randolph’s Ex-Boyfriend Regret Their Breakup Now That She’s With Colton Underwood?

Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor was full of shocking moments, and no one could have anticipated what happened between him and Cassie Randolph. While Cassie broke up with him toward the end of the season, he was able to win her back — and today, they seem to be more in love than ever. It seems Cassie is no stranger to putting her heart out there for all the world to see, too, as her past relationship was also put on display on the show Young Once. The show followed her journey as she attended the Christian school Biola University and attempted to make things work with her on-and-off boyfriend, Caelan Tiongson.

Clearly Cassie and Colton are extremely serious about each other today, but Caelan has also shared his feelings about his ex appearing on The Bachelor. And is he totally over Cassie now? Here’s what he’s said.

Cassie’s relationship with ex-boyfriend Caelan seemed complicated on Young Once

Love is never easy, and Cassie and Caelan perfectly exemplified this on Young Once. Medium reminds us the show followed their relationship timeline as they attended Biola University, though he’s noted before that their relationship was always complicated. Throughout the multiple seasons of the show, they seemed to be consistently on and off with Cassie wanting to remain friends and Caelan finding their friendship difficult due to his true romantic feelings.

After getting many questions regarding their relationship, Cassie made an Instagram post to address them. “Caelan and I dated all through college and in 2015 we filmed Young Once. A while after our breakup we put our past behind us and became friends again. We share a lot of mutual friends and he is close to my family,” she wrote. Cassie also added that she and Caelan are no longer friends, though she certainly doesn’t hate him, either. “I was open to staying friends, but he understandably thought this was too hard. … it became clear we were supposed to move on,” she continued.

Cassie said breaking up for good was a ‘difficult decision’

Judging from Cassie’s Instagram post regarding their relationship, it seems the breakup wasn’t mutual between Cassie and Caelan. She added in the post that she was the one to call it quits on the relationship despite his willingness to make it work, so staying friends was “extra hard for him” because of the decision she made. Cassie also wrote, “Relationships are complicated and navigating isn’t usually straight forward. We were on and off for so long that turning it off for good was a difficult decision as I truly didn’t want to regret giving up if we were meant to be.”

While the second season of Young Once put Cassie and Caelan back in each other’s paths, it seems Cassie stuck to her decision to move forward without him as her boyfriend, however. From there, Caelan was set to go to Asia to play pro basketball, and Cassie was cast for The Bachelor soon after.

Caelan is happy for Cassie and knows their relationship wasn’t meant to be

Since the breakup between Caelan and Cassie seemed very much to be Cassie’s decision, how does Caelan feel now that Cassie is so in love with Colton Underwood? He’s written his own Instagram post about his relationship with Cassie to set the record straight. “Both Cassie and I made mistakes in our relationship, but I think we’d both agree it dragged out much too long anyways,” he wrote. “This is because I persistently pursued a reunion and she knowingly kept the door open at times because of indecisiveness, neither of which matters because it has been over for good since before she went on The Bachelor.”

Caelan then went on to say that the two of them were undoubtedly not fit for each other, but he still thinks Cassie is an amazing person who deserves love and happiness. “The reality of the situation is that Cassie is a great girl. Her decision to go on The Bachelor was a decisive moment in my life to move forward so why couldn’t it serve as that for her as well?” he questioned. Caelan then added, “I wish her nothing but success and happiness moving forward.”

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