‘The Bachelor’: Does Colton Still Have Feelings For Hannah G.?

Colton’s time on The Bachelor was atypical, to say the least. His season ended with him breaking up with two of the final three women on the show, Tayshia and Hannah G., in order to go chase after Cassie, who had just dumped him.

Today, Cassie and Colton are very happy together, but it was a winding road to get where they are currently. Now, their respective Instagrams are filled with sappy captions and sweetly posed pictures of the two together. The background on Colton’s phone is Cassie kneeling down in the chip aisle of a 7-11. They get to go on dates (in public and everything!).

Hannah G. and Colton | John Fleenor via Getty Images
Hannah G. and Colton | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Colton’s relationship with Hannah G.

But before Colton broke up with her Portugal, Hannah G. (and many of us watching at home) believed she would be getting Colton’s final rose.

Colton and Hannah G. had intense chemistry from the moment the two met (he even gave her the first impression rose). He told her that she reminded him of home and gave her little clues throughout the show that suggested she was a sure thing.

When she returned home from filming, Hannah said she was often approached by people wanting to see her ring from Colton.

“I know it’s part of it, so obviously I’m not going to walk away. So I was trying to be excited about it because everyone else was excited about it, but it was painful to be like ‘Oh you’ll have to see! Wait until next week!’ I just remember getting in my car once and I was like ‘Ok, cue the John Mayer music and I’m gonna cry really quick cause this sucks,”’ she told Access.   

When their relationship changed

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Colton, obviously, had feelings for Hannah G. He told her he was falling in love with her and, at the very least, the two had indisputable physical chemistry.

Then during one of his one-on-one camera interviews on the show, Colton said that where he was falling for the other two women (Tayshia and Hannah G.), he was there with Cassie.

He said the moment Cassie walked away was when he realized how much he only wanted her.

Does Colton still have feelings for Hannah G.?

Colton definitely had feelings for Hannah G. for much of his season of The Bachelor, but as soon as Cassie decided to leave the show, his full focus was set to Cassie.

When he was breaking up with Hannah G., he told her he wasn’t sure he was making the right decision. He told her that it was supposed to have been her.

But the way he spoke to Hannah during the finale, and the interviews he’s given about Tayshia and Hannah G. since the show ended all but confirm that he no longer has feelings for anyone but Cassie.

“As far as being blindsided, I’ll say this over and over, it’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette–it’s gonna happen. You can’t ask somebody not to blindside you when they’re trying to remain open and have other relationships. That’s disclosed to everybody. I don’t know. I wish [Tayshia and Hannah G.] well. They’re great people and I hope that they find their happiness one day,” he told ExtraTv.  

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