‘The Bachelor’: Even Chris Harrison Was Confused by Some of Peter Weber’s Choices This Season

We are mere weeks aways from Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor and Bachelor nation is already getting antsy. After watching Weber get his heart broken on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, viewers are ready to see him find love. The women of Weber’s season were recently announced and there seem to be a few promising options. But according to host Chris Harrison, Weber’s journey to love won’t be as easy as fans might hope.

Peter Weber and Chris Harrison
Peter Weber and Chris Harrison | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Peter Weber’s journey to becoming the Bachelor

In order to get the coveted role of the Bachelor, you pretty much have to get your heart smashed into little pieces first. We first met Weber when he was fighting for Brown’s heart on last season’s Bachelorette. The two had an intense romance, which resulted in Brown admitting on national television that she and Weber had been intimate four times. But ultimately, Weber only made it to the final three before being sent home.

Fans rallied around the pilot after he was sent packing and ABC chose him to be the next Bachelor.

What is Weber’s biggest issue this season?

To be a great Bachelor, you have to be open to love, but you also have to be willing to hurt some feelings. Weber had a hard time with the latter.

“I think sometimes [he can be] too sincere, too sweet. And that can lead to a bit of a train wreck,” Harrison told Good Morning America. “There are some moments later down the road, kind of like [former Bachelor] Ben Higgins — such a fan favorite, such a sweet guy, but sometimes that can lead to trouble.”

Weber makes confusing choices

In every Bachelor season, there are a few girls who are exactly the lead’s type. But this year, that apparently isn’t the case.

“The toughest thing about Peter as a Bachelor was trying to figure out his type and the answer is, he doesn’t have one,” Harrison said. “That is wonderful because he’s open to any experience but terrible as you’re trying to produce a show where a guy’s trying to find one woman. He really has a hard time narrowing things down.”

Which meant that Harrison couldn’t really get a handle on which way Weber was going to go at times.

“There are women he clicks with from night one,” the host continued. “They get out of the limo, you’re like, ‘OK. He has chemistry with her.’ But I can honestly say that you will be shocked and blown away by the roller coaster ride of his emotions. I would go into rose ceremonies and he would tell me who he’s choosing and I’m like, ‘OK, didn’t see that one coming. I figured she was going home or figured she was staying.’ Blew me away.”

When does ‘The Bachelor’ start?

Though it sounds like Weber will have a tough run this season, hopefully it will all be worth it in the end and we can finally have another Bachelor happy ending.

Get your bottles of wine ready because The Bachelor premieres on Monday, Jan. 6 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.